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Meeting Agenda 

  • Mention Antitrust Policy
  • Introductions from people new to the group
  • Presentation by Sam Yuan
    • Overview of performance work by TWGC
    • Personal view of PSWG (lessons learnt)
    • Q&A and Discussion
      • Can we reuse performance work from TWGC in PSWG?
      • Schedule and agenda for future PSWG meetings

Meeting Notes

  • Overview of performance work by TWGC
    • High-level overview of Tape and Probe tools
    • Technical deep-dives in future meetings
  • Schedule of future PSWG meetings
    • Once a month
    • Current time is suitable for people from China/Asia region. It's quite early for people from North America west coast. Check with the community on mailing list.
  • Agenda of future PSWG meetings
    • Technical deep-dive of Tape project from TWGC
    • Benchmarking, testing and performance discussions
    • Discussion of relevant research papers
    • Code contributions from community (PRs for Tape, Probe and other projects)




Tuesday, May 18, 2021 at 9AM Eastern Time

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Dial-In Information:  [ZOOM]

You can join either from your computer or from your phone:

From computer:

From phone: +1(855)880-1246 (toll free US number) or view International numbers

Meeting ID: 995 1006 3016

Passcode: 244020

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