Nov 3, 2022 - Building Hyperledger Fabric Smart Contracts using Solidity and the EVM

Building Hyperledger Fabric Smart Contracts using Solidity and the EVM

an online technical workshop that looks at how to build smart contracts for Hyperledger Fabric using Solidity and Fabric's Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

The workshop will be run by Jim Sullivan, Chief Technology Officer and Lead Instructor at The Blockchain Academy, and will cover the following topics:

  • Hyperledger Fabric product architecture, including the EVM/Solidity components.
  • Smart Contract Development demo
  • Solidity Smart Contract Examples
  • Why use the EVM for HyperLedger Fabric applications
  • Use Remix for building Smart Contracts
  • Solidity.
  • Data types.
  • Functions and Accessibility, i.e., public, private.
  • Deployment Demonstration
  • Distributed Application (DApp) demonstration
  • Possible Next Steps.

Meeting Handout

Running Smart Contracts on HyperLedger Fabric - Solidity - EVM - The Blockchain Academy.pdf

Oct 21, 2022 - Linux Foundation Public Health - Jim St Clair - Friday Oct 21, 10 am EDT

Linux Foundation Public Health ( LPFH ) is fostering the world's largest collaborative environment for open source public health. It builds, promotes, and sustains open source software to improve global health innovation.

Find out how open source software and Hyperledger are adding value in the Public Health arena. Jim St Clair is the Executive Director of Linux Foundation Public Health project.  With expertise in both public health solutions and Hyperledger, Jim leads the team on finding opportunities for open source solutions. Don’t miss this meeting to find out what they’ve done and where they are focused now

Jim St.Clair

Jim is the Executive Director of the Linux Foundation Public Health (LFPH which promotes and curates open source software to help public health authorities (PHAs) and other healthcare organizations with an  open source digital health ecosystem. Jim is also contributing to several ISO, HL7 and IEEE Working Groups to develop new standards for decentralized identity, patient data and distributed ledger systems. Jim is a veteran and former naval officer, having served in both active and reserve capacity. 

Meeting Handout

Jim-St-Clair-LPFH-Public Health-session-221021.pdf

Sept 23 -  Hyperledger Firefly v1.1 for Web3, Blockchain apps - Nicko Guyer

Nicko Guyer - Senior Full Stack Engineer - Kaleido

  • simplify public and enterprise blockchain development
  • connect across public chains
  • complete stack to build, scale Web3 applications
  • Build apps with Java, Node.js, GO
  • create smart contracts with smart contract languages
  • Works with Ethereum, Fabric, Corda and other chains
  • Open source and Enterprise versions

For faster Web3 and Blockchain development - come see Firefly v1.1 !

Video recording for Hyperledger Firefly v1.1 - 220923


Slide deck for 220923 ( to be uploaded yet )

FireFly Public Sector SIG.pdf

Aug 12 - Digital Asset & CBDC Legislation Trends - Jim Mason

Many countries and states are looking at options to regulate digital assets and CBDC ( Central Bank Digital Currencies ). In some cases, digital asset legislation is now law. Digital asset legislation may include: CBDC, cryptocurrencies, stable coins, NFTs ( Non-fungible tokens ) and other forms of digital assets as well as the exchanges, marketplaces, custodians and service providers where they are sold and traded. These bills and laws can have a major impact on how these digital assets are used, valued and traded now and in the future for investments, commerce and payments.

For each category of digital assets, we'll: define the asset type, use cases, privacy and key related legislation sections

Some of the legislation we'll cover includes: 

  • MICA - the Markets in Crypto Assets proposal passed by the European Parliament
  • The State of Wyoming Digital Assets Legislation in force since 2019
  • The US Executive Action on Responsible Development of Digital Assets ( March 9, 2022 )
  • the US Lummis-Gillibrand Digital Assets Bill

Video Recording


Presentation Slide Deck

Digital Asset and CBDC Legislation Trends.pdf

Added Notes from Chat discussion


May 6 - Discussion - US CBDC and Project Lithium for security settlement

Recording – _pssig-220506-CBDC-Project-Lithium-Settlement.mp4

Speaker - Jim Mason

Initial discussion on US CBDC follow up from the US Executive Order ( March 2022 )

and Project Lithium looking at use of CBDC for securities settlement

March 25 - Review of the US Executive Order on Digital Assets - Jim Mason

 Date - March 25,  10 AM EST

Jim Mason lead a review and group discussion on the new US Executive Order from President Biden.

While Federal Agencies have been monitoring Digital Assets, markets and CBDC for several years, this order accelerates a focus in many directions to study and provide recommendations this year to define new legislation that will radically alter the landscape of Digital Assets, Crypto and CBDC and other financial services once those recommendations are enacted.

We'll also talk briefly about research papers the group can work on as part of the 2022 Hyperledger Challenge.

meeting video


meeting chat

a text file with some good comments and links


US Executive Order on Digital Assets on 220309

March 11 - Hyperledger Challenge research ideas, US Executive Order on Digital Assets - Jim Mason



Jan 28 - Open Plan Session for 2022: topics, speakers, research

Friday Jan. 28, 2022  - 10 am EST

Meetings >> Join Zoom from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:

The Public Sector Group has covered a wide variety of themes over the last few years and look to build on that in 2022.

Come join us for any open discussion on key focus areas this year as we build our program

In the past our meetings have always focused on a presentation from a speaker.

Key Focus areas

  1. Government, NGO and industry use of solutions that use or can benefit from blockchain
  2. Regulation of blockchain solutions, standards and related technologies
  3. Blockchain Technology Concepts: blockchain evolves and we'll review key Hyperledger technology projects
  4. The 2022 Hyperledger Challenge discussion

Speaker Presentations

  • world leaders in blockchain solutions, technologies, research and Public Sector solutions

Forum Discussions

  • This year I'd like to try some open forum discussions where we focus on a topic or theme as a group 


  • Opportunity to consolidate research on a specific topics and produce reports as a team
  • Candidate research areas include:  blockchain-related regulations, public solutions using NFTs

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