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About the Event:

Full Transparency: Using blockchain to drive trust in digital content – Verizon recently launched a blockchain-based system to transparently track all changes made to official news releases in their Corporate Newsroom. This was the first bold step towards expanding the adoption of this open-sourced system across brands and media entities.

This presentation will discuss:

  • Why Verizon made this a priority and their objective(s)
  • What the system does (and doesn’t) do
  • System Logical Stack Diagram
  • System Architectural Block Diagram
  • Blockchain Storage and Proof of Identity
  • Blockchain based Non-Repudiation Mechanism
  • Mechanisms of Data-Origination Proofs with Non-Interactive Sub-Proof Generation
  • Image Capture and Registration
  • Cryptographic image capture
  • Cryptographic image registry
  • Verifying against the Registry
  • Verify Action on App-side
  • Verify Action on Server-side

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