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                      Anti Trust Policy Antitrust Policy Notice
II. Introductions from people new to the call:

Bobbi, Mark wagner, Richard Moss, Gordon Graham

III. EdX Update / Discussion:

  • Waiting for Silona and Flavia tio determine a system for our group to assist with the EDX updates. and  track work requests in Wiki or Rocket Chat for EdX Updates ( Bobbi will email Silona)
  • No Update UPDATE ON COURSEWARE: (Flavia)
    1. Blockchain for Business
    2. Technical Course

IV.  Wiki / Pages (Updates and Additions) Group went over new page and how we need to be build out the New member page as well as the Project signup page. member were encourage to design new member page.

V. Support other Working Groups and Special Interest Groups: Members are encouraged to join other working group and offer LMD working groups resources and collect completed documentation for the LMD Wiki Library page.

VI.   2019 Team / Individual Objectives:

           NEW MEMBER RECRUITMENT: no new involvement from other working groups or Universities

VII. Presentations:

           Gordon Graham - Standards for developing White Papers and Case Studies Presentation

Topic: Standards for white papers:

Typical issues faced when developing (5) Whitepaper for the hyperledger projects (including the HYPERLEDGER WHITEPAPER:

  • Tendency to Leave out Scope, focus on Who the Whitepaper is for, Why it is necessary and What it is not. Our Working Group will create a STANDARD TEMPLATE for Whitepaper with a basic outline on G-Docs ( Gordon will crate and share).
  • The groups goal will be to fill out the template with suggestions for the writer of what should and should not be included in the standard sections of a white paper. 
  • Overall Design
  • Standard Front matter:     - Title, Table of Content, About, Version #, Publication Date, Acknowledgements
  • Standard Back Matter : Conclusion, Appendix, Resources, References
  • MIDDLE Fill in Gap, With What?  Hierarchy Intro / Overview, Start with High level overview then grind down to the details. The defaults to build from Familiar to unfamiliar, Compare and Contrast, Chronologically, A list should be alphabetical unless reorder for a reason which should be stated. 

Group decide to stay in G-Docs for template.

VIII. Old Business:

  • No new updates on EDX
  • Bobbi will work on the project assignment Matrix

IX. New Business

  • Richard showed us link to  the EDX course creation course . First it will give writer insight on how the courses are develop on EdX. Second it gave a creat idea for our White Paper Template should look, with functionality to assist the writer (with helpful link) in the development of each section.

X. Close

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