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Chapter 5: The Promise of Business Blockchain Technologies

Introduction and Learning Objectives
Existing Hyperledger Blockchain Use Cases

When to Use or Not to Use Blockchain Technologies

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Learning Objectives/Conclusions

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Video: Introduction (Nathalie Salami)Verified Links
(Link is mislabel Chapter 3)

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Learning Objectives

Business Blockchain Technologies Overview

Video: HL Advantages for Businesses (BB)Verified Links
(Link is mislabel Chapter 3)

This was because of video was legacy from original version. Now fixed
Business Interest in Hyperledger

Video: Blockchain Use Case (BB)Verified Links

Hyperledger Blockchains in ProductionVerified Links

Supply Chain Management (Part I)

Supply Chain Management (Part II)Verified Link

Supply Chain Case Study: WalmartVerified Links

Supply Chain Case Study: ScanTrustVerified Link

Property Rights (Part I)

Property Rights (Part II)Verified Links

Provenance (Part I)Verified Links

Provenance (Part II)

Provenance Case Study: CirculorVerified Inks

Finance (Part I)Verified Links 

Finance (Part II)Verified Link

Finance (Part III)

Finance (Part IV)

Finance (Part V)

Healthcare (Part I)Verified Links

Healthcare (Part II)
Broken Link:  Hyperledger Healthcare Working Group, August 22nd, 2017 Meetingreplaced with the Healthcare WG meeting archive URL
EducationVerified Links

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  • Streamlining the public assistance system for families and students
Education Case Study: Sony Global EducationVerified Link

Smart Energy ManagementVerified Links

Smart Cities Use Case: Smart Dubaiverified Links

Blockchain Best Practices for EnterprisesVerified Link

The Outlook of Blockchain for BusinessVerified Link

Video: What Enterprises Look for When Evaluating Whether or Not to Use Hyperledger (BB)

.Verified Links

When to Use Blockchain

When Not to Use Blockchain

I. The Process Involves Confidential Data

II. The Process Stores a Lot of Static Data/Data Is Quite Large

III. Rules of Transactions Change Frequently

IV. The Use of External Services to Gather/Store Data

V. Simpler Alternatives

Blockchain Decision Path

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