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Chapter 1: Discovering Blockchain Technologies

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Learning Objectives

Background - The Rising Interest in Distributed Ledger Technologies

Link: .  Muneeb Ali, (verified)

Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)

Link: Sawtooth Core Documentation, Introduction: VerifiedConsider update link obscure for relevant contentremoved link

Video: Blockchain Technology (Robert Schwentker)

Links: to mp3, txt and .srt all verified

Blockchains (definition)Link To Hyperledger Verified

Blockchains (Continued)

Link to A Brief History of Blockchain" by Vinay Gupta. Verified

Merkle Tree

Link (creative common)  Verified

Video: What Is a Blockchain? (Dave Huseby)

Links: to mp4, txt and .srt all verified


Differences Between Blockchains and Databases

Types of Blockchains

 *the supply chain management."

"You would not want non-vetted companies participating in the network,"

consider dropping the in front of Supply chain Management 

consider, you would only want vetted companies or only want trusted parties

  • dropped the
  • used you would only want trusted parties

Peer-to-Peer Network Architecture

Link:  Update available

Recent Report:

updated text and URL to reflect data from 2018 report

Video: Peer-to-Peer Networks (Robert Schwentker)

Links: to mp4, txt and .srt all verified

Immutability of Data

Link Antony Lewis, verified

Blockchain Applications

Links: E  Mesropyan and D. Palmer Verified

Video: Smart Contracts (Robert Schwentker)

Links: to mp4, txt and .srt all verified

Smart Contracts

Bitcoin - A Popular Blockchain Deployment

Link:  Updated graphic  available

Angellist link verified

Video: Bitcoin and Ethereum (Robert Schwentker)

Links: to mp4, txt and .srt all verified

Bitcoin and Cryptoeconomics

Links:  Vitalik Buterin, and  "The Blockchain Economy: A Beginner’s Guide to Institutional Cryptoeconomics". Verified

Ethereum - An Alternative to Bitcoin

Link to  Ethereum's official documentation, Verified

Link:  Updated graphic  available

Video: Ethereum (Robert Schwentker)

Links: to mp4, txt and .srt all verified

DappsStehan Tual Inked verified, Auger, Digix and Maker links verified

Ethereum Smart ContractsRSK link verified

Exploring Permissionless Blockchains

Exploring Permissionless Blockchains

Video: Exploring Bitcoin and Ethereum BlockchainsLinks: to mp4, txt and .srt all verified

"Certifying" a Document

Video: "Certifying a Document onto Blockchains Using Stamp.ioLinks: to mp4, txt and .srt all verified

Consensus Algorithms

Proof of Work (PoW)

Kudelski Report link verified

Ofir Beigel Link verified

Proof of Stake (PoS)PoD and PoB links verified

Proof of Elapsed time (PoET)Sawtooth link verified

Simplified Byzantine Fault Tolerance (SBFT)

PBFT link verified

Byzcoin link verified

Kudelski Report link verified (Duplicate)

Proof of Authority (PoA)

Comparing Permissioned Consensus Approaches and Standard PoW


Video: Hyperledger (Robert Schwentker)

Links: to mp4, txt and .srt all verified

Hyperledger Blockchains: Permissioned or Permissionless?

Advantages of Using a Permissioned Blockchain over a Permissionless Blockchain

Video: Hyperledger vs. Other Permissioned Ledgers (Brian Behlendorf)

Links: to mp4, txt and .srt all verified

Video: Other Distributed Ledger Technologies (Robert Schwentker)

Links: to mp4, txt and .srt all verified

Chain Core

Chain Core link verified

Kudelski Report link verified (Duplicate)


Corda link verified

RGB link verified

QuorumQuorum link verified


M. Rosulek link verified

R.Aitken link verified

Challenges in the Adoption/Deployment of Distributed Ledger Technologies

D.S.L.G link verified

C. Naden link verified

Iso link verified



ICO link verified

S.R.Choudhury link verified

Lack of Know HowUpdated graphic  available

Knowledge Check

Learning Objectives (review)


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