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Main Event

Roadmap for 2022

Our group has always focused on Identity solutions, but in a broader context of applicability to the Blockchain space, specifically the Hyperledger projects and hence we are more relevant than ever. Please contribute your thoughts.

Some ideas for consideration.

  1. We have dialed back our calls to once a month...
  2. Create a task force for working on the IDWG paper, to be more of a SoK on ID in Hyperledger and beyond - Alfonso is interested
  3. IDWG standards (from DID, VCs to the ISO) - Interest from the participants
  4. Microledgers
  5. Identity portability in Europe, implications for other jurisdictions
  6. Digital wallets
  7. Identity Theft and the Blockchain - connection to Ransomware.
  8. Disconnected access (i.e. offchain) - Stephane Mouy
  9. Web3 and Metaverse Implications
  10. Identity & NFTs
  11. Activity in the groups (ToIP, other companies(Evernym/Avast), CCG etc.)
  12. Anonymity vs. Privacy
  13. Privacy versus being identified (KYCed).



Selected Items From Chat

 Trust ecosystems and wallets
 DLT and Digital Identity.... Offline situation? Stephane
 ISO 14433? Passport standard PKD-
Neo - Dominica Interoperability..
Rhonda Okamoto : https://www.gbaglobal.org/event/the-future-of-money-governance-and-the-law-washington-dc/

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