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Attendees : (18)

Vipin Bharathan

Lal Chandran

@Jan Lindquist

Clive Boulton

Ashutosh Kumar


@Charles Lanahan

Daniel Bachenheimer

Jim Mason

Kamlesh Nagware

@Mark Lizar

Miguel Jimenez

@Mike McCoy


Ravikant Agrawal

@Roland Areosurete

Alfonso Govela

Himangshu Pan

Main Event:

Lal Chandran from iGrant.io talking about MyData operators...

MyData operators are actors that provide infrastructure for human-centric personal data management and governance. There were 16 organisations awarded the inaugural status of a MyData operator, including iGrant.io. The MyData Operator 2020 Award recognises operators of human-centric infrastructure for personal data management and sharing. It acknowledges organisations that place the individual at the centre of personal data about them, ensuring that they are the prime beneficiary of the use of this data and providing tools to help them manage personal data.

The white paper “Understanding the MyData operators” defines the concept further. This was co-authored by 34 experts including iGrant.io coFounders as part of the MyData community. You can download it at: https://igrant.io/whitepaper.html 

On mapping data flows (about consent)




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