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Antitrust Policy and introductions -  VB duration-depends on participation

Main Event: IoT Security Enabled by MPC by Rebecca Aspler, Director Product Management UnboundTech.

While the benefits of IoT are unlimited, the reality is that the proliferation of blockchain based connected devices, systems and services that compose the IoT ecosystem has introduced risk directly into the physical world, blurring the border between virtual threats and utilities, devices and critical infrastructure. In this session, we will discuss how MPC can be used to enable every IoT device to have an embedded root of trust, while preserving the zero-knowledge proof of other devices’ data. Furthermore, we will examine a few use cases, some that can be associated with a public blockchain and some that are more common within the boundaries of a permissioned blockchain.

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Extensive presentation covering all aspects of MPC and its advantages; Unbound's role in innovating the solution.


1.Recovery of keys due to device loss etc. : Done through key rotation and refresh in seconds (we have to look closer at the protocol)

2. Disconnected settings (i.e. IoT device is unreachable)? - can proceed with a quorum, but there could be some other protocols with a quorum of connected devices. 

3. Difference between Multi-Sig and MPC - Multi-Sig needs sophisticated smart contracts; MPC constructs the signature outside the venue.

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