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Vipin Bharathan

Brian Behlendorf

clive boulton

Alfonso Govela

@Amit Padmani

Marvin Berstecher

Kalyan Kulkarni

@Ankita (AyanWorks)

@Amol Deshpande (AyanWorks)

Anshu Jain

Daniel Bachenheimer

Drummond Reed

Jonathan Holt

@Pablo Arribas


Richard Esplin

Rouven Heck


Kumaravel N


@Kaliya Identity Woman 

Mohan Venkataraman

Scott Zwierzynski


@Dre Bonifonacio

Anneli Sinikka Pedersen

John Callahan

@Stephane Mouy

Meeting on  the zoom channel is

Antitrust Policy and introductions -  VB duration-depends on participation

The main event:

Ayanworks discussion of their Identity project and demo: Amol Deshpande & Kalyan Kulkarni

State of Identity integration in India

  • Other Suggestions:
  • Future talks (we are working with some of these folks on nailing down dates)
    • EBSI and eIDAS, and integration into the open platform. More on this topic.
    • kuDiscussions on Identity as seen by the state vs across regions and internationally and how that helps stitch together the blockchain infrastructures, in terms of trust, KYC etc..

    • Further on TOIP
    • NIST 800-63:
    • ID2020: What happened and why is it important





2:19:14 From Kaliya Identity Woman : Common Pass is hosting global meetings tomorrow about how to get international systems working for cover sharing -
12:20:13 From Randy Zhang : is application for credential always from the user or can it be pushed by the issuer?
12:20:18 From Richard Esplin : Are you using a mobile development framework? Which Indy wrappers do you use on mobile?
12:20:39 From Kalyan Kulkarni : @Randy, credentials can be pushed by Issuer as well
12:21:00 From Kalyan Kulkarni : We are using React Native wrapper on the Indy SDK
12:26:00 From Randy Zhang : shouldn't the traveling pass be issued by the travel agent instead of by airlines?
12:26:35 From Kalyan Kulkarni : Yes it has to be. Just that individual is requesting in this case.
12:32:53 From Kalyan Kulkarni : ARNIMA
12:37:33 From John Callahan :
12:41:43 From Marvin Berstecher : Here is an example of the Covid Credential Initative from Germany.
12:45:09 From Kalyan Kulkarni : Hi @Marvin, yeah, this is a cool demo presented by esatus
12:51:19 From Ajay Jadhav : Good read:


Ayanworks presented their SSI solution for Covid Credentials.

They also did a demo of their solution.

Brian: Is there a space for us (Hyperledger) to make have some of these CC, especially the ones dealing with exposure tracing in the labs, many are doing roll your own.

Debate about open standards vs open source

We should collaborate about having a space for CCI code to exist in open source- maybe in labs.

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