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Antitrust Policy and introductions -  VB duration-depends on participation

The main event:

  • Orie Steele from Transmute talks about his proposal for a universal wallet. Another exciting session brought to you by the Identity working group.
  • From Orie's original email about the proposal:

    The proposed specification will define a data model and abstract interfaces for digital wallets that store currency, credentials, key material or references to key material, meta data, and cards... The goal being to help unify DIDs, VCs,  and cryptocurrency wallet data models, by defining missing vocabulary or defining relationships between existing vocabulary, reusing existing specifications as much as possible without modification.... Including DIDs, DID Key, VCs, VC HTTP APIs, WebKMS, VP Request Spec, Presentation Exchange, etc...
  • Other Suggestions:
  • Future talks (we are working with some of these folks on nailing down dates)
    • EBSI and eIDAS, and integration into the open platform. More on this topic.
    • kuDiscussions on Identity as seen by the state vs across regions and internationally and how that helps stitch together the blockchain infrastructures, in terms of trust, KYC etc..

    • Further on TOIP
    • NIST 800-63:
    • ID2020: What happened and why is it important





Links from Orie

Software supply chain is main area of interest

Just describe or survey systems that exist today- not how to write a wallet (it is not normative)

Article on digital wallets:

HD Wallet - BIP 32 or - othe KD standards

Export Import - used for interoperability 

Mobile wallets/credit/credentials and identity documents

Wallet A to Wallet B - expose standard interfaces

Mnemonic (rainbow tables)

How do we expand the conversation to include org wallets and wallets for CBDC?

Big players standards- Apple for their secure enclave

Universal resolver > cached identifiers

Software supply-chain. OpenPGP keys. E.g github ssh DCO signing

MetaMask - spec gets into the details of the hardware-backed keys

Firefox of wallets? > This is a spec. Is there a convergent strategy for a universal wallet as a product? 

Some of the questions that were answered during the call

Drummond Reed: Where will this standard sit? IETF, W3C etc. Orie- maybe between W3C and 

Gary DeGruccio : Universal Wallet seems like a no brainer.Has anyone voiced a resistance to the universal wallet? Either from commercial products (say apple vs google vs samsung..) or government entities?

Vipin Bharathan: stretching the concept of wallet a little further, retail CBDC wallets?

Will you get involved with FRB (Federal Reserve bank)

Orie: Device manufacturers work with digital drivers license (state) for creds, something similar perhaps

Anshu Jain : Perhaps I missed it in your presentation. Is there a concept, in the specification, of establishing a connection between the Wallet to the identity of a physical person / organisation ? Similar to what a bank offers.
ROLAND AEROSURETE : did you manage to look after the current Hyperledeger Cactus initiative with translation of Dids between diferent DLT ?

Daniel Bachenheimer (Accenture) : what about Apple's foray into this space:
Peter Danko (eDelivery) : We are EU based, we have a initiatives/projects/... like eSSIF-Lab, EBSI - will be in very near future possibility to contact/work together ?
Brian Behlendorf : The term "universal wallet" suggests a product, whereas this is a specification - sort of the diff between Firefox and HTTP. Is there any interest in a Firefox of Wallets?

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  1. Brian Behlendorf Firefox for wallets would be a reference implementation of the universal wallet spec. Orie was indeed advocating that in the W3C VCG mailing list; but he did get a lot of pushback on the term "Reference". There are indeed many interpretations of the word "reference".