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Antitrust Policy and introductions -  VB duration-depends on participation

The main event:

  • Cactus Identity for interoperability- cross chain identity- Peter Somogyvari

    Other Suggestions:
  • Future talks (we are working with some of these folks on nailing down dates)
    • EBSI and eIDAS, and integration into the open platform. More on this topic.
    • Discussions on Identity as seen by the state vs across regions and internationally and how that helps stitch together the blockchain infrastructures, in terms of trust, KYC etc..

    • Further on TOIP
    • Identity for IOT- Blockchain implications Bhawana Singh, JNU 
    • NIST 800-63:
    • ID2020: What happened and why is it important
    • Kiva - current status. possible talk later. What about Libra 2.0?
  • Ongoing:
    • How can we follow up on past presentations? Kim Cameron certainly wishes input on his presentation and debates on items raised by him.
    • IEEE:P2733 for Clinical IoT Data and Device  Trust, Identity, Privacy, Protection, Safety and Security (TIPPSS) - report on call, for those who have registered.
    • Identity WG Implementer call - report - 
      • Meeting Notes TBD
    • A GitHub repo was created under Hyperledger for IDWG. A note will be prepared about governance and contribution.
    • Discuss  IDWG paper
    • Implementing metrics from Chaoss... DCIWG- let us reopen.


24 participants

Vipin Bharathan

Peter Somogyvari

Bobbi Muscara

Clive Boulton

@kamlesh Nagware

Anshu Jain

Alfonso Govela

Cam Weyhrich

Hart Montgomery

@Joachim Bacoyannis

Nish Chan


@Kumaravel N

Kamlesh Nagware

Lindsay Nuon

@Louis K

Luca Boldrin

@Mike McCoy

@Roland Areosurete

@Stephane Mouy

@Venu Reddy

@Aneena Ann

@Abilash Soundararajan

@Darion Hernandez

Daniel Feichtinger




Cactus Whitepaper:

Peter's Presentation Cactus Identity Management.pdf

Peter's Branch:


Peter Somogyvari presented on the topic of Identity plugin in Cactus for interoperability.

He explained the philosophy of Cactus, which was to create a shell or exoskeleton for plugins.

The code he displayed had patterns of how plugins should be created for cactus. Peter cautioned that he had 

There were questions about the security of plug-ins and other topics. 

Please listen to the video or audio for more details

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