• Antitrust Policy and introductions -  VB duration-depends on participation
  • The main event: eIDAS legal framework.

    Luca Boldrin on the background of this publication and EBSI-ESSIF

    followed by Stephane Mouy outlining main points,

    then Roland Faure gives one particular vision of this subject based on a  use case related to IAM for Dangerous goods transportation. This continues next week.

  • Future talks (we are working with some of these folks on nailing down dates)
    • EBSI and eIDAS, and integration into the open platform. 

      EBSI is the public blockchain framework for pan-European collaboration in the government sector. There has to be interaction between EBSI and eIDAS.We may also explore integration between startup architecture and EBSI.

    • Discussions on Identity as seen by the state vs across regions and internationally and how that helps stitch together the blockchain infrastructures, in terms of trust, KYC etc..

    • Trust over IP (TOIP) latest developments : The basic briefing deck about new project is  this Google Slides deck.  The Hyperledger Aries RFC 0289 has more background material.
    • Guardianship - a Sovrin whitepaper
    • Identity for IOT- Blockchain implications Bhawana Singh, JNU 
    • Trust for Dangerous goods, the IAM aspect - project in HL Fabric - Roland Aerosurete
    • NIST 800-63: https://pages.nist.gov/800-63-3/sp800-63-3.html
    • ID2020: What happened and why is it important Vipin Bharathan
    • Kiva - current status. possible talk later. What about Libra 2.0?
  • Ongoing:
    • How can we follow up on past presentations? Kim Cameron certainly wishes input on his presentation and debates on items raised by him.
    • IEEE:P2733 for Clinical IoT Data and Device  Trust, Identity, Privacy, Protection, Safety and Security (TIPPSS) - report on call, for those who have registered.
    • Identity WG Implementer call - report - 
      • Meeting Notes TBD
    • A GitHub repo was created under Hyperledger for IDWG. A note will be prepared about governance and contribution.
    • Discuss  IDWG paper
    • DCIWG Survey currently on line
    • Implementing metrics from Chaoss... DCIWG- let us reopen.


Vipin Bharathan

Luca Boldrin

Bobi Musccara

Cam WEyhrich

Clive Boulton 


Dan Bachenheimer

Evangelos Pappas

Gary DeGruccio

Jamie Ramierz

Kamlesh Naware

Kirk Anasazi

Lindsay Nuon

Miguel Jimenez

Mukul Goyal

Ravi Agrawai

Reynoldo (CQPD)

Roland Areosurete

Stephane MOUY

Sze (Z) Wong

Ted Achtem

Xue Tan  





eIDAS built on Fabric and BESU. Fabric advised that it does not have social digital identity. Likely requires customization or integration to an identity blockchain .   



2nd presentation:  IAM for Dangerous goods transportation. Requires integration of digital identities across countries across chains. Continues next time.

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