• Antitrust Policy and introductions -  VB duration-depends on participation
  • Presentation in HGF (Hyperledger global Forum)- promotion of WG and call for collaboration, we might cancel the call of March 4th.
  • IEEE:P2733 for Clinical IoT Data and Device  Trust, Identity, Privacy, Protection, Safety and Security (TIPPSS) - call on Feb 20, for those who have registered.
  • How can we follow up on past presentations? Kim Cameron certainly wishes input on his presentation and debates on items raised by him.
  • Main event:Ravikant Agrawal - Privacy laws in India: new ruling. PDP - we had distributed the NASSCOM paper
  • Future talks (we are working with some of these folks on nailing down dates)
    • A WEF Davos perspective & on biometrics standardisation (ISO 307) by D. Bachenheimer
    • Guardianship - a Sovrin whitepaper
    • Identity for IOT- Blockchain implications Bhawana Singh, JNU 
    • Trust for Dangerous goods, the IAM aspect - project in HL Fabric - Roland Aerosurete
    • ID2020: What happened and why is it important Vipin Bharathan
  • Ongoing:


Roland Faure

Drummong Reed

Ravikant Agrawal

Jim Mason


Vipin Bharathan

Nitin Agarwal





After the Anti-Trust notice and the code of conduct the meeting commenced.

Vipin Bharathan left after conferring with Drummond on the HGF schedule.

Roland volunteered to host and record the call

-Further notes will be posted after listening to the recording.

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