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  • Project updates
  • Demo of Aries-Framework-DotNet

Connection Info

The call takes place over Zoom here

Reminder to the host: we plan to record this call.




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  • Other Announcements?

Working Group Reports and Release Plans

  • Main Identity WG
  • Hyperledger Indy
    • Contributors Meeting
    • Indy Node
      • January: 1.12.2 Fixes to View Change
    • Indy SDK
      • January: 1.14.2: Bug fixes
    • Indy Catalyst
    • Indy Semantics WG
      • ODCA pilots underway
      • The agenda, video, notes, etc. from the HL Indy Semantics WG call: 
  • Hyperledger Aries
    • Aries Working Group meetings:
      • WG A: Performance testing for ACA-Py and LibIndy. Notes and recording.
      • WG B: Closing issues, DID Prefix moving to HTTPS, AIP 1.0, Routing Coordination. Notes and recording.
      • Next WG A: Discussing Aries-Framework-Go. Notes and recordings
    • Aries Agents (Cloud Agent Python, Static Agent)
      • Cloud Agent Python
        • Release 0.4.1 is pending
          • This will be synchronously deployed with Streetcred, as both will be making a non-backwards compatible change to align with RFCs.

        • Launch of ACA-Py User Group (ACA-Pug) and #aries-cloudagent-python
      • Static Agent Python - Release 0.7.0 - Working on publishing documentation to Github pages, improving documentation throughout the code, etc.
      • Toolbox - Release soon to lock in plugin to ACA-Py 0.4.0
    • Aries Protocol Test Suite
      • Feature Discovery protocol tests now in test suite thanks to the efforts of Keith Smith
      • Moving on to Issue Credential; first targeting Indy ledger specific tests with the hope of informing design of ledger agnostic tests.
    • Aries Shared Libraries (agent storage, vdr, utils)
    • Aries Language Frameworks and SDKs (Go, Java, JavaScript, .NET, Ruby, Python)
  • Hyperledger Ursa
    •  Ursa 0.3.1 release in January
      • Delegate-able credentials
      • Flexible configuration options
    • ZMix 0.1.0 expected in January
      • Ursa and ZMix will be separate releases. ZMix is the proving code, and Ursa is everything else.Ursa 0.3.1 release in January.
    • More language wrappers coming.
  • Sovrin
  • DIF DIDComm Working Group
    • Outlining changes that are needed to Aries RFCs.
  • W3C Standards
    • Verifiable Credentials Working Group
    • DID Working Group
      • DID Working Group Face-to-Face this week. Expect freeze to standard in May.
  • Other?

Open Discussion

Next Meeting Topics

Future Topics

  • Roadmap coordination between Indy, Aries and Ursa
  • Progress of aries-framework-ruby John Callahan

Action items


Call Recording

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