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  • Project updates
  • Selecting future presenters

Connection Info

The call takes place over Zoom here

Reminder to the host: we plan to record this call.




Hyperledger is committed to creating a safe and welcoming community for all. For more information please visit our Code of Conduct: Hyperledger Code of Conduct

All activities should be conducted in accordance with the Antitrust Policy found here.


Steve McCownAnonyome
Daniel BluhmSovrin


Working Group Reports and Release Plans

  • Main Identity WG 2020-01-08
    • FATF digital
    • India stack: digital lockers and consent layers
    • Next call: Darrell O'Donnell on digital wallets
  • Hyperledger Indy
    • Contributors Meeting
    • Indy Node
    • Indy SDK
      • December, 1.14.1: Improvements to the TAA behavior, LibVCX support for Aries Interop V1, and bug fixes
    • Indy Catalyst
    • Indy Semantics WG
      • ODCA pilots underway
      • The agenda, video, notes, etc. from the HL Indy Semantics WG call: 
  • Hyperledger Aries
    • Aries Working Group meetings:
    • Aries Agents (Cloud Agent Python, Static Agent)
    • Aries Protocol Test Suite
      • Feature Discovery protocol tests now in test suite thanks to the efforts of Keith Smith
      • Moving on to Issue Credential; first targeting Indy ledger specific tests with the hope of informing design of ledger agnostic tests.
    • Aries Shared Libraries (agent storage, vdr, utils)
    • Aries Language Frameworks and SDKs (Go, Java, JavaScript, .NET, Ruby, Python)
  • Hyperledger Ursa
    •  Ursa 0.3.1 release in January
      • Delegate-able credentials
      • Flexible configuration options
    • ZMix 0.1.0 expected in January
      • Ursa and ZMix will be separate releases. ZMix is the proving code, and Ursa is everything else.Ursa 0.3.1 release in January.
  • Sovrin
    • Network updates and extensions
    • Sovrin Governance Frameworks and Trust Architecture
      • Official Transaction Author Agreement (TAA):
      • New TAA is expected to be deployed on Builder Net in January, and enforced on the Sovrin Staging Net in February. Date for enforcement on Main Net still needs to be selected.
      • Sovrin Stewards should have already approved the Governance Framework v2.
  • DIF DIDComm Working Group
    • Charter approved.
    • Participants need to agree to the IPR provisions.
  • W3C Standards
  • Interop and External updates (Dmitri Zagidulin
    • Talks continue between the various Personal Data Server communities, with the goal of choosing a standards body, where a common Agent / Data Hub / PDS spec can be incubated.
    • LifeScope Labs is announcing plans to implement Solid server, Encrypted Data Vaults and DIF Identity Hub APIs into its open-source personal data store.
  • Other?

Open Discussion

  • Selecting future presenters.

Next Meeting Topics

Future Topics

  • Roadmap coordination between Indy, Aries and Ursa
  • Progress of aries-framework-ruby John Callahan

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