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  • Antitrust Policy and introductions -  VB
  • Identity WG Implementer call - report - 
  • Working groups- purpose and governance under the TSC
  • Sybil Protection in Hyperledger technologies- led by @Adam Stallard- in his absence Vipin will lead
  • Kiva - current status. At the eve of the UNGA- any one from Kiva (Matt Raffel or Cam Parra?)
  • Implementing metrics from Chaoss... DCIWG
  • Progress of Identity Working Group paper. sticking points
    • Aadhaar section-look at reworked areas
    • Paper collaboration - Marta Piekarska




@axelRed Hataxel @
Sze Wong
@Luca Boldrin

Sumit Kumar

Marta Piekarska

Adam BurdettSovrin
Kelly Cooper

@Leonard Edwin

@Stephane MouyIndependent
Possible Future Agenda Items:

Libra Project and ID - Kiva work 

Consensys identity stack - update from Consensys 1.0 - more integration, mapping of identity




During introductions we heard about the following items

Luca Boldrin spoke about the ITU meeting with a focus on DPKI

Kelly Cooper commenting on debate about WGs and SIGs, dont be distracted by the debate, let us continue to deliver value and focus on WGs and SIGs as platforms of knowledge exchange.

On talking about the Hyperledger Global Forum call for papers; both Kelly and Marta seem to agree that collaborating on the paper and producing a well defined paper would be a worthy goal to work on.

Vipin Bharathan presented on sybil