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Vipin Bharathan - Enterprise blockchain consulting firm, chair of Capital Markets SIG

Drummond Reed - Chief Trust Officer and Trustee Sovrin Foundation - active in Aries and Indy

Steve Magennis - Interested in ways things are developing

Adam Stallard - Work on Bright ID - unique identity platform keeping fake users out of applications

Ivan Gutierrez - Spain, tech side

Julie Esser - Chief Engagement for CU Ledger Credit union - My CUID

Nitin - Alliance GO 

Sumit Kumar - 

Seth Goldfarb - Copywriter building business case for applications of blockchain - working with evernym

Sid  - Identity management space - financial services

Stephane Mouy - Consultant SGM Consulting Services - focusing on the regulatory side of digital identity - EUC recognition of digital IDs in the banking sector. FTAF draft guidance on digital identity

Sze Wong - Working on land rights project in Africa, recently returned. 


Drummond Reed (quick note summary, see recording for more detail- should be 25+- minutes into the meeting) - update Credentials Community Group August Draft in prep to submit @ W3. The first formal meeting of DID in Japan, the final phase of full standardization of DIDs. Seven papers at Rebooting on DID. Issue of semantics, the semantic understanding of interoperability of data carried in credentials with DID, now that things are moving into production will become even more important. Good news - Hyperledger community, if you publish the schemas for credential definitions on the ledger (H Indy) and credential definitions that reference the claims defined; those credentials to go early will experience network effect, their schemas will become the most commonly used and reused by credentials because they will be the most used. 

Hyperledger Aries Semantics working group - curate work around semantics and make available for Hyperledger contributors. Ideas related to defining characteristics of an individual. 

Libra identity system - Vipin slides are not shared yet, but references  - from (to hear Vipin's narrative of the slides below, see approximately minute 32 in the recorded meeting)



Stephane Muoy - European draft guidance on AMF (FATF Draft)- beginning to discuss digital identity and risks. Guidance is tech neutral, doesn't pass judgment whether blockchain or another product. The salient feature is it recognized you can have public digital identity schemes (nothing new) and publicly accredited digital identity, you can also have private digital identity schemes. A fair amount of caution with private by the financial sector. 

Possible Future Agenda Items:

Sybil Protection

Libra Project and ID - Kiva work 

Consensys identity stack - update from Consensys 1.0 - more integration, mapping of identity

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