• Ajay Jadhav continues to lead discussion on India Consent Layer
  • Daniel Hardman presents a paper: "Hubs and Agents how do they work together"
    • The paper has been created by Evernym and DiF 
  • Libra and its Identity system
  • Further discussion on FATF recommendations


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After introductions and the readout of the anti-trust notice we started with Daniel Hardman's presentation.

Some points that Daniel Hardman made:

  • There is some amount of confusion about the role of HUBs and Agents even among the cognoscenti 
  • To dispel this confusion; DIF and Evernym came up with a joint work to put each of these in context and sketch how they complement each other.
  • Look at the paper to get details about the authors and their affiliation

  • Daniel Hardman is presenting on the Identity Working group to get comments from the community and for Identity WG to feel comfortable about sponsoring the paper for inclusion on the Hyperledger wiki. To that end, he requests comments or questions from the audience. He asks that they be germane and brief as he cannot support an extensive rewrite at this point.
  • To introduce the content Daniel pointed to an article in medium about the three dimensions of Identity, co-created with Jason Law. Identity presented as relationships, sets of attributes and delegations to someone to act on your behalf, which is where Agents come in. 
  • Daniel also presented a Venn diagram about Hubs and Agents detailing the functions of each, with some functions being common to both. In the main Hubs would take care of data storage properly and Agents for acting on behalf of the users and possibly as a local wallet. We will link to this diagram when we have it.
  • Questions about the name "Agents" Randy wanted to see if there is a better name "Identity Representation" 
  • However there was general agreement that the name "Agents" felt OK.
  • There was a need to look clearly at the RFCs that detail the concepts further. Daniel promised to put links into this doc which is more of an explainer and needs to be succinct.
  • There was a digression into the independence of "Agents", especially when they are humans. It was also noted that the Agent being a proxy for the person has to be thoroughly tested for bugs and recovery procedures put in place in case of malfunction
  • another theme that came up was Convergent Evolution of software components, DigiVault in the India stack and Hubs have a lot in common, Agents and presenceless layer have a lot in common. Although India stack is built by a government agency, many ideas around self sovereignty  are being introduced due to abuses and due to legislation twinned with supreme court of India judgements on privacy; the consent layer is one such component.
  • The Identity WG community will provide more feedback and we will approach HL marketing and others to socialize the idea of publishing this doc on HL wiki
  • since Microsoft who is a big player in DIF has decided to join HL this collaboration is natural.   

Ravi Agrawal promised to give a talk on the IIW scheduled for mid-July in Bangalore and the developments there. Ravi's talk will probably happen on the IDWG call of 24th of July.

Timo Hotti from Finland will speak on the next call (July 10) about the interaction between the Identity Network using Indy and the Transaction network using Corda. THis is based on an actual implementation done with several Enterprises. He gave us a brief taste of the presentation.

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  1. Vipin Bharathan is there a target date to complete the Whitepaper?

    1. Looks like you found it. Identity Working Group. There is no deadline, however we would like to bring it to a conclusion this year. It will be a work in progress as we will continuously update it. We will also need the services of a copy or text editor.

      1. I can copyedit. Kelly

        1. Thanks for all the edits you have made! Improves the paper a lot.