Agenda: (It is expected that all elements of this agenda will not be covered in just one set of meetings, in which case they will be added to the next set)

Calls at 12 noon EST and 8 pm EST (4 pm UTC and +1 00:00 UTC)

  • Anti-Trust
  • Introduce new members (only those who wish to introduce themselves)
  • Current state of the paper
  • Announcements! 
  • Presentation by Rick Cranston of CU Ledger.
  • DiD and related standards- basic layers  - naming convention, discovery and resolution.
  • What is a universal resolverDemo of universal resolver by DiF. A more detailed explanation from github.
  • Interaction between Legacy systems and SSI (DPKI and DKMS)
  • Convergence of solutions (DiF, Solid and others), how they affect us 
  • Layer 2 Identity protocols (for privacy of data and meta-data) and scale
  • Digital Wallets and their importance for Identity Management
  • Roadmap towards an Agent 2 Agent protocol

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