12 pm EDT attendees 

@Drummond Reed

@Steve Magennis

Amol Kulkarni

Vipin Bharathan

@James Waugh

@Karan Varma

@Stephen Graves

Sumit Kumar

Sze Wong

@Leonard Edwin


-Drummond filled us in on the standardization landscape and the work on the extensive Sovrin glossary with appendices. The Glossary has 37 pages of definitions, even though some of them are Sovrin specific, most of the entries are commonly developed and used in the Self Sovereign Identity landscape. This is a very exhaustive and extensive list which can be quite daunting for anyone who does not dwell in the SSI DiD world. Our aim will be to help you navigate this world with backgrounders and sketches in the Identity WG paper.

The following are the salient links for those who want to explore this further

In particular he cited the Appendix D of the  Sovrin Glossary for a layered approach. we were struck by the similarity to The Self-Sovereign Identity Stack by Oliver Terbu and to the OSI Stack that everyone is familiar with in Networking.

We asked a series of questions:

After Drummond left we introduced the rest of the participants

  • Amol Kulkarni - Was involved in Identity related projects in India, face recognition and Aadhaar but lately involved in Blockchain and sawtooth in India for some time.
    Aadhaar new constraints imposed by the Supreme court has resulted in a consent layer being introduced into the India Stack. We will have a talk on India Stack and Consent layer
  • James Waugh- running a DiD Hyperledger meetup on the 21st of March in New York city, also Hyperledger meetups in general
  • Stephen Graves- CEO of Certified True; developing blockchain apps for insurance based on sawtooth
  • Sumit Kumar from CapGemini   

8 pm EDT attendees

@Jim Wowchuk - InBlox finance, principal consultant for health professionals. Part of Blockchain Advisory for Australian govt saw a huge number of people in Adelaide BC Conference State Govt in Adelaide (South Australia) is supportive of BC, maybe not so much in New South Wales.

@Greg Tucker  Formerly IT Service Management space, now payments + Identity space in Telecom services organization in Tokyo 

@Todd Gehrke From Luxoft Seattle

@Randy Zhang from Dallas CISCO who have created their own blockchain. Identity ties into all other things

Vipin Bharathan

@Drummond Reed

Drummond went through a stack that he had specially prepared for explaining SSI from the Sovrin perspective but was broad enough for the space. Looking at the video uploaded from the meeting will give you a good idea about the talk.

Some highlights:

  • Clear that the Indy / Sovrin stack was an Identity Management system and it will interact with ledgers created for other purposes.
  • Kiva.org is already using it
  • What is on the ledger is restricted. 
  • BC.Gov is an Enterprise scale wallet in the form of the orgbook (although called a registry)
  • Connections are in the form of Agent to Agent protocols- a ton of work ongoing
  • Main work is in maintaining the integrity of wallet to wallet connections in an asynchronous environment with mobile devices that are not guaranteed to be always on.
  • RZ asked whether there is a live photo attestation protocol: In response DR asserted that there no such protocol available currently the three supported are straight JSON-LD, JSON-JWT and JSON-ZK 
  • What about credential formats are there schemas (ontology & taxonomy around this? JW)
    • There is some work going on in this area. But nothing concrete, VB brought up MAS and some other basic taxonomies including Japanese Govt basic KYC schemas and processes
    • The credential Registry can share its formats (the orgbook) which can be the beginnings of a schema for organisations- What about LEI?
    • JW will give a talk on Ontology & Schema @ rebooting Web Of trust (RWOT)

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