• Vipin Bharathan
  • Drummond Reed, Sovrin
  • Stan Liberman, CME
  • Hart Montgomery, Fujitsu
  • Sean Bohan 


After the introductions and the anti-trust announcement. 

We talked about the event IBM Think and the Identity specific announcements and work at that conference.

Since @Drummond Reed attended IBM Think he gave a compelling presentation on the project:

  1. 70 K people attended. About 40 to 50 K were users and 20 K IBM people. All of the material is behind a paywall.
  2. The team around the Trusted Identity and Blockchain group was pretty small 7 people, CTO Dan Gisolfi. they talked about involvement with various Blockchain projects
  3. Drummond was on Blockchain Identity panel with focus on SSI with the COO of CULedger.
  4. There was a great music show with Imogen Heap who is working on creating digital credentials Mycelium(?) for true verifiable credentials to be able to publish and sell music in a  distributed fashion. Marie Wieck the VP and GM for IBM Blockchain introduced Imogen and the show was very well attended; driven adoption. 
  5. We spoke about the demo of creative credentials and visibility of SSI through the Sovrin connectathon
  6. SSI and Hyperledger- 
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