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  • Vipin Bharathan

  • Matt Raffel

  • Hart Montgomery

  • Moushmi Banerjee

  • Nitin Agarwal

  • Moushmi Banerjee\

  • Stephane Mouy (SM)

  • Rouven Heck

  • Sergei (Altoros) - new

  • Sid

  • After the anti-trust and other declarations the meeting start was announced
  • We briefly discussed the report to the TSC, mainly the welcome volunteer and the discussion on the existence of two papers
  • SM touched on the first GDPR penalty for google. The fact that Consent should not involve ambiguity and multiple clicks and opacity regarding which services are using your data and clarity in how to turn them off. Another aspect of the whole phenomenon was the fact the French regulator got involved, not the Irish one where Google is based. This raises the question about who has jurisdiction; CNIL says they have because their job is to protect French citizens; so even within the EU they crossed sovereign boundaries to fine Google 50 million Euros. Consent has to be off by default and people have to opt-in (this is revolutionary) Of course GDPR does not ask for blockchain as solution, there are valid reasons for keeping customer data (regulation if you are a bank or other type of service company). Google is not- in fact their entire business is based on default being opted in rather than out. 
  • VB brought up TRAI who have for controlling AtoP (Application to Person) SMS mandated a blockchain solution to control Spam. So we see different approaches by jurisdiction to solve the same problem.
  • NA spoke about Trai efforts as well as Aadhar efforts, laws are coming down the pike for increased privacy in India.
  • RH spoke about uPort changes in design where PII is segregated from the blockchain, they are not even storing the proofs on BC-this is for sovereign solution by uPort for a swiss city (Zug) and Dubai. Only revocation lists are stored on the BC and certain types of attestation. 
  • MB was interested in this story because of what she was building- she felt she could use this knowledge in her BaaS solution.
  • VB remarked that the blockchain was disappearing like the Cheshire cat, until not even the smile remained (Alice in wonderland reference)- 
  • Projects for HK bootcamp? - we discussed the bootcamp and the fact that some of us may be there.
  • A new project Communications on the edge (Egalite)- next week - this project will develop an implementation of an edge protocol (i.e. a protocol for Agent interaction for wallets)- We have thrown in our support (the ID WG and in particular VB)- they may present in our next call. 

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