Project Titlearies-vcx based message mediator


Primary Focus



Implement message mediator service written in Rust with pick-up v2 protocol support on top of aries-vcx crate.

Additional Information

Learning Objectives

  • Learn about self sovereign identity and Aries protocols
  • Learn about writing scalable server applications
  • Learn Rust language
  • Learn Github Actions and CI process in general

Expected Outcome

  • Web service for Aries message mediation 
  • CI jobs to test the implementation

Relation to Hyperledger

Mentee Skills

- Experience with programming, no specific technologies required

Future plans

The project will likely be integrated with other components of aries-vcx repository. Not only that however - building high-performance mediation service can be valuable for entire Hyperledger Aries community.  

Mentor(s) Names and Contact Info

Patrik Stas, Discord: Patrik Stas#7722, Absa Group
Bogdan Mircea, Discord: bobozaur#5997, Absa Group
Miroslav Kovar, Discord: mirgee#3763, Absa Group
George Mulhearn, Discord: gmulhearn#0356