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Proposal Submission Guidelines

  • Active contributors and community members are welcome to submit an internship project proposal for consideration.
  • Multiple mentors supervising one intern per project would be desirable as this helps spread the workload and reduce the challenge of coverage caused by working remotely with an intern in a different time zone.
  • The mentor(s) need to be familiar with the project and is/are expected to directly supervise the hired mentee's technical work.

  • The proposed project needs to be clearly scoped and structured to be suitable for an internship project.

  • The project should be related to one of the current Hyperledger frameworks or tools.

  • The outcome of the project will benefit the existing Hyperledger frameworks/tools/Labs or advance the Hyperledger open source technical community's work at large.  
  • The mentor(s) should be ready to be the sponsor of the internship project as a Hyperleger Lab when the internship commences. This ensures that the project progress can be tracked and the project output can be publicly accessible to the community.

Proposal Review/Selection Process and Criteria

  • The TSC forms a sub-committee to review all proposals and select a sub-set of projects for Hyperledger to sponsor.
  • General selection criteria are:
    • The selected proposals have clearly scoped learning objectives and outcomes that are suitable for one mentee, a student developer/researcher, to complete within 12 weeks if working full time or 24 weeks if working part time.  
    • The selected proposals will represent a nice mix of project difficulty levels. Some low, medium, and high difficulties.
    • The selected proposals will maximize the diversity of the proposals, mentors, and mentees.
    • The selected proposals should have a direct connection or relevance to an existing Hyperledger project or lab.
    • The selected proposals will further increase the contributor/maintainer base of the related Hyperledger project or lab.
    • The selected proposals are related to as many Hyperledger projects or lab as possible.
    • The mentors of the selected proposals will represent a nice mix of experienced and new mentors.
  • Review the current year program schedule including project proposal and selection period.
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