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Problem Statement:-

  • There are two levels of endorsement policy that acts on a chaincode, channel(namespace) level, and key(collection) level.
  • When there are too many channels and collections it gets hard to manage all the data entities and knowing who has access to what.


A tool that helps to query and modifying policies with relative ease.

The project can be found at

Information about the project’s weekly updates are being updated at


  1. Milestone 1:-
    • A web UI to pick the required keys and certificates.
    • Show policies of all the channels that a peer/owner/admin is part of.
    • Representing policies of different organizations in a bifurcated manner.
    • Updating documentation.
  2. Milestone 2:- 
    • Querying and displaying endorsement policies of private collections.
    • Query and show chaincode's endorsement policy.
    • Approving, checking, and modifying endorsement policies and private collection of chain code.
    • Updated Web-UI as per the newly added features.
    • Updating documentation.
  3. Milestone 3:- 
    • Writing build tests for EasyDoser.
    • Making EasyDoser Compatible with Docker.
    • Pushing all the errors to the frontend.
    • Giving users the choice to run the project with or without docker.
    • Added tests for the Golang server.
    • Updating the documentation.
  4. Milestone 4:-
    • Cleaning up the code and adding some finishing touches to the Web-UI.
    • Adding github action to create a new release with every bump in version.
    • Making a video demo of the whole project.
    • Writing a blogpost.
    • Finding future works for the project.

End Product:-

The end product will be an easy to use Web-UI where any user picks their keys and certificates and then gets to query and view all the endorsement policies (key level and namespace level) in a simplified and hierarchical manner. If the user is an admin, the user can modify channel policy definitions.

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