Project Title

Learning Tokens in Hyperledger Besu



Primary Focus



•    Learning Tokens register the process of transfer and acquisition of knowledge. They track what we know and how we learned it in individual profiles that help personalize education. They measure engagement in the transfer of knowledge, support educational management, and foster Anatole France's words, nine-tenths of education is encouragement.
•    Learning Tokens recognize, register, and reward community engagement in collective learning while certifying skills acquisition and individual competencies.
•    In 2021, we did a global directory of DLT/Blockchain learning places. Last year, we defined artifacts for learning tokens, and now we shall code their Smart Contracts for MOOCs.

Additional Information

•    Hyperledger Lab Learning Tokens 
•    Learning Tokens in 2022 
•    GBBC, Global Blockchain Business Council, IWA, Inter Work Alliance, Token Taxonomy Framework 
•    GBBC, Global Blockchain Business Council, GMSI 3.0 

Learning Objectives

  • •    Understand the tokenization of learning experiences.
    •    Use the Inter Work Alliance Token Taxonomy Framework, IWA-TTF. 
    •    Apply IWA Token Designer to create Learning Tokens Templates. 
    •    Deploy them in Hyperledger Besu.
    •    Understand granular learning interactions in MOOCs.
    •    Explore simple ways to integrate Learning Tokens and MOOCs.

Expected Outcome

•    Deploy Learning Tokens in Hyperledger Besu.

      Report about connecting IWA-TTF to Hyperledger Beso

•    Explore alternatives to integrate Learning Tokens into MOOCs.

      Report about possible alternatives to integrate Learning Tokens into MOOCs

Relation to Hyperledger 

•    Hyperledger Besu

     Hyperledger Latinoamerica Regional Chapter

Mentee Skills

•    Interest in education within the Hyperledger Community.
•    Solid understanding of software development.
•    Development skills in Solidity and JavaScript.
•    Familiar with Hyperledger Besu is a bonus.
•    Familiar with Truffle, Remix, or Web3j is a bonus.

Future plans

•    Help with the development and maintenance of the Learning Tokens Hyperledger Lab.
•    Work with Universidad Centroamericana José Simeón Cañas, El Salvador, in Learning Tokens pilot Projects.
•    Work with GBBC to expand their GSMI 3.0, University Courses, and Degree Programs (719 courses worldwide) and promote Learning Tokens to register and evaluate skill acquisition. 

Mentor(s) Names and Contact Info


•    Mentorship can be bilingual: English or Spanish.