Project TitleImprovement in HLF-Connector, Hardening the production readiness aspects


Primary Focus



The HLF-Connector is a project within the Hyperledger Labs community that provides a way to connect to and interact with Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain Networks from external applications using REST APIs & Kafka based Topics. This connector acts as a gateway between Fabric and non-Fabric applications, allowing external applications to securely read and write data to the Fabric blockchain through both synchronous and asynchronous modes of interaction. HLF-Connector provides a convenient and flexible way to integrate Fabric blockchain networks into external applications, allowing developers to build robust and secure decentralized applications that can interact with the Fabric network. 

Learning Objectives

  • Understand Hyperledger Fabric conceptually.
  • Learn enterprise integrations for practical usage of blockchain technology.
  • Become proficient in micro-service development.
  • Design API interfaces and work to scale by handling asynchronous interfaces.
  • Learn open source processes.
  • Work closely with community experts.

Expected Outcome

  • Design and implement new features in the connector.
  • Updating the usage documentation.


  1. E2E test suite for connector.
  2. JMS Queue listener serial transaction processing.
  3. Support for DLQ (Dead Letter Queue)
  4. Allow retry for transactions - REST API
  5. Support chaincode endorsement policy while chaincode approval and commit.
  6. Structured logging
  7. Usage Documentation

Relation to Hyperledger 

The project is a connector to interact with the Hyperledger Fabric network.


Hyperledger Fabric,

Education Level

Undergraduate / Graduate with relevant background in computer programming.

Mentee Skills


  • Experience working with Java programming language.
  • Blockchain fundamentals and specifically any experience with Hyperledger Fabric.

Good to have

  • Springboot framework exposure.
  • Java Messaging service (JMS), Kafka
  • Container technologies - Image creation, Orchestration etc.

Future plans

support and maintain the HLF-Connector with new features and security updates.

Mentor(s) Names and Contact Info

Nithin Pankaj, , Discord: 

Aditya Joshi, , Discord: adityajoshi#9707


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