Project TitleRedesign the user experience of hyperledger explorer project to create a unified interface for exploring blockchain ledger across all the hyperledger blockchain projects


Primary Focus



Blockchain Explorer provides a graphical user interface to explore blocks, transactions, nodes, channels, chaincodes in a blockchain network.  The goal of this project is to redesign the  user interface of hyperledger explorer project to provide an easy as seamless experience for the user. The goal is to make Blockchain explorer as the common explorer tool for all the hyperledger DLT projects.

Additional Information

  1. Hyperledger Explorer – Hyperledger Foundation - Overview of Blockchain-Explorer
  2. hyperledger-labs/blockchain-explorer ( - Explorer Repository
  3. Hyperledger Explorer documentation - Explorer documentation

Learning Objectives

  1. To implement all the user research , analysis and design techniques to design a very compelling user experience for hyperledger fabric.
  2. Gain an indepth understanding of Hyperledger DLT projects.
  3. Developer user experience and user interface design skills.

Expected Outcome

User flows , wireframes, style guide and high fidelity mockup of the new user interface design for hyperledger explorer

Relation to Hyperledger 

  • Hyperledger Fabric,
  • Hyperledger iroha,
  • hyperledger indy,
  • Hyperledger Besu

Mentee Skills

  1. Basic understanding of how to design a web application
  2. Understanding the usage of tools like Adbobe XD, Figma
  3. Ability to create user flows, information architecture ,  wireframes and high fidelity visual designs

Mentee Open Source Contribution Experience

  1. A good understanding hyperledger fabric or hyperledger indy or hyperledger besu or hyperledger iroha
  2. Understanding of  process of designing web app
  3. Familiarity with tools like Adobe XD or figma
  4. Skilled at conducting user interviews

Future plans

Building a common explorer interface for all the DLT project will provide an easy way to interact with the blockchain and increase adoption of these projects

Mentor(s) Names and Contact Info

Jayasimha Prasad  Jayasimha Prasad, ExaThought

Arun S M Arun , Walmart

Ravi Pratap Singh ,