Project TitleEnhance Blockchain Explorer to accommodate new features for Hyperledger Fabric


Primary Focus



Blockchain Explorer is a GUI tool that allows users to view blocks, transactions, nodes, channels, chaincodes and other associated information about the blockchain network. The aim of this project is to enhance the existing application in-terms of new features and uplift the user-interface with the robust design. Blockchain explorer uses fabric-sdk to get the details from the fabric network and stores the data in the postgres database, which is later used by the explorer UI.

The developers will get a chance to get involved in the entire software development life cycle with the proposal-implementation of new features, review the peer developed code, write the unit test cases, refining the existing code efficiently to adhere to the coding standards and much more.

Additional Information

Hyperledger Explorer – Hyperledger Foundation - Overview of Explorer

hyperledger-labs/blockchain-explorer ( - Explorer Repository

Hyperledger Explorer documentation - Explorer documentation

Learning Objectives

  • Learn about Hyperledger Fabric architecture and gain in-depth knowledge of core built-in functionalities.
  • Learn how to collaborate with the team and contribute to open-source project.
  • Excel on the development of front-end and backend frameworks w.r.t explorer tech-stack.
  • Learn to improve design thinking capabilities and strengthen programming skills.

Expected Outcome

  • A full-fledged functional explorer application with UI that is well tested and documented w.r.t the new features implemented.
  • Config driven data purge based on blockcount (or) duration.
  • Research on metrics and bring up possible metric features.
  • Compatible with latest release version of fabric.
  • Improvise the UI Design.
  • User Management - Need to avoid administration key dependency in Explorer View.
  • Move the images from the docker hub to GHCR.
  • Write/modify the test cases to be in-compliant with the newly added features.

Relation to Hyperledger 

Hyperledger Fabric

Mentee Skills

  • A good understanding of Hyperledger Fabric
  • Experience with Typescript, ReactJs, html
  • Knowledge about PostgreSQL database
  • Familiar with Git, Linux terminal commands, Docker
  • Familiar with mocha, chai, sinon, jest+enzyme

Future plans

The plan is to further enhance the Blockchain Explorer with new features and make it more robust in-terms of UI.

Mentor(s) Names and Contact Info

Arigela Satyanarayana Satyanarayana, Infosys

Arige Archana Archana, Infosys

Ajin S Ajin, Infosys

Arun S M Arun S M

Aditya Joshi Aditya Joshi