Project Title

Ecosystem Analyst






Implementations of Hyperledger technologies span multiple industries, including finance, supply chain, trade, health, media, telecom and more. The beauty of our open source technology community is that anyone can use and build upon it for their specific needs and use cases. There are hundreds of implementations and capturing them in an easy to find and useful manner is a key enabling tool. Helping our community and the public to better understand use cases is a key part of helping advance the impact of distributed ledger technology. It validates ideas others have, provides avenues for reaching out and sharing lessons learned, and is a key part of building the Hyperledger community. In addition, we would also like to track academic papers and courses related to Hyperledger projects in order to develop an understanding of the academic landscape. Different tools can be used to identify relevant and value-adding academic papers (i.e. arXiv, Google Scholar, Web of Science). 

In gathering and organizing the above information, the mentee will leverage their broad view of Hyperledger use cases as well as understanding of the overall blockchain space to identify potential opportunities for growth in uses or applications of Hyperledger technology. This can include use cases where our community isn’t as present, where we can explore doing further outreach and education. In addition, the mentee will make recommendations and potentially also work on developing ways for the use case and academic information to be leveraged for educational and ecosystem-building content and activities such as best practice guides, ebooks, webinars, workshops, etc.

Additional Information


Learning Objectives

  • Gain specific and broad understanding of the applications of blockchain technology
  • Learn about cutting edge research on Hyperledger technologies
  • Learn and apply data collection, database organization, and market analysis skills
  • Be able to understand the needs of various stakeholders and how to share and communicate information in a way that is relevant and impactful

Expected Outcome

Database of use cases and academic papers (both technical and no-technical), dealing with topics beneficial for both Hyperledger technical community, as well as our members and prospective members. Produce or facilitate creation of 2-4 pieces of content leveraging the database information. Provide recommendations of new areas of growth for Hyperledger use cases and ecosystem development.

Relation to Hyperledger 

All Hyperledger projects

Education Level

Graduate or Undergraduate student. Ideally having research/academic experience.


The database will serve as a key resource for the entire Hyperledger team and community and will be a launch point for further work to leverage the content and continue to build the repository as well as our ecosystem strategy

Future plans

Analytical, organizational, communication and market analysis skills. 

Preferred Hours and Length of Internship

Part-time (20 hours a week for 24 weeks starting in summer and ending in fall (preferred)

Mentor(s) Names and Contact Info

Karen Ottoni

Tomaz Sedej