Project TitleClient Connector for Hyperledger Besu (Ethereum)





Develop a connector that provides both synchronous and asynchronous modes of interacting with a running Hyperledger Besu node. The connector would act as an interface between an enterprise application and the Hyperledger Besu node for data ingestions and it could provide event subscription options.

The scope of the project would also include an end-to-end test on a sample network.

Additional Information

Learning Objectives

  • Understand Hyperledger Besu conceptually.
  • Learn enterprise integrations for practical usage of a blockchain technology.
  • Become proficient in micro-service development.
  • Design API interfaces, work for scale by handling asynchronous interfaces.
  • Learn open source processes.
  • Work closely with the community experts.

Expected Outcome

  • Design and implement the connector.
  • A new Hyperledger Labs project is proposed with a documentation.

Relation to Hyperledger 

The project would be a plugin or a connector to interact with the Hyperledger Besu network.

Education Level

Undergraduate / Graduate with relevant background in computer programming.



  • Experience working with Java programming language.

Good to have

  • Blockchain fundamentals and specifically any experience with Hyperledger Besu.
  • Springboot framework exposure.
  • Container technologies - Image creation, Orchestration etc.

Future plans

Preferred Hours and Length of Internship

40 hours/week full-time for 12 weeks.

Mentor(s) Names and Contact Info

Arun S M,, arsulegai#7968, Walmart

Rahul Batra,, -, Walmart

Nidhi Singh,, - , Walmart


  1. Arun S Mcould you please add in your preference for a part-time or full time mentee (pls reference schedule here Hyperledger Mentorship Program#2022ProgramTimeline*) as well as your name and contact info so your project proposal is complete? Thanks!

    1. Thanks Min Yu, we were in the middle of proposal, all fields are updated.