Project TitleBlockchain Network Operation in a Decentralized Way





Now most users can easily deploy a blockchain network. On this basis, they need to manage the blockchain more flexibly and safely. Hyperledger cello will implement a fully decentralized BaaS. Each organization can independently deploy and manage its own baas, including their own private keys. Among organizations that have deployed cello, blockchain networks can be flexibly established.

Additional Information

Project repo:

Blockchain Consortium Governing with Cello 

Learning Objectives

  • Work closely with community experts and developers to learn the open-source culture and skills;
  • Learn the advanced knowledge inside the blockchain and distributed ledgers;
  • Practice hand-on experience with web application design and implement;
  • Cultivate security awareness in software development process.

Expected Outcome

Through learning and development work, complete the design and development of some interfaces and front-end pages of the platform

Relation to Hyperledger 

Hyperledger Cello project.

Education Level

Graduated student with developing experience preferred.


  • Interested with blockchain (Hyperledger Fabric) and distributed system;
  • Development skills including Python, Node.Js;
  • Front end skills with html, javascript, familiar with Django framework;
  • Familiar with Hyperledger fabric v2.x is a bonus;
  • Familiar with React.Js or Ant design is a bonus

Future plans

Contribution from this project will be merged to Cello's main branch, the intern student can keep contributing to the Hyperledger community.

Preferred Hours and Length of Internship

Part-time (20 hours a week for 24 weeks starting in summer and ending in winter)

Mentor(s) Names and Contact Info

Baohua YangYang FengShihong ZhaoQiang Xu