Project TitleHyperledger Bevel documentation redesign


Primary Focus



A documentation serves best when understood and designed based on user needs. Although Hyperledger Bevel current documentation is comprehensive and robust, it still requires improvement and can be much more effective and useful if designed based on user and community needs. The project scopes to structure the existing documentation of Hyperledger Bevel and redesign it from the perspective of user personas and their deployment needs. It would equally benefit product users and developers, and increase usability and adoption. 

Additional Information

Existing Hyperledger documentation -

GitHub issue description -

Learning Objectives

  • Hyperledger Bevel concepts, features and operations
  • Documentation techniques and best practices
  • Hyperledger Bevel community, users and use-cases 

Expected Outcome

Complete redesigned of documentation based on the decided structure and theme 

Relation to Hyperledger 

Hyperledger Bevel

Mentee Skills

Knowledge of Markdown language file

Beginner python

Future plans

The documentation contributed via this project would be used as the official Hyperledger bevel documentation

Mentor(s) Names and Contact Info

Suvajit Sarkar : Suvajit Sarkar, Tech lead, Bevel, Accenture

Sownak Roy : Sownak Roy, Technical Architect and Product Owner, Bevel, Accenture

Jagpreet Singh Sasan : Jagpreet Singh Sasan, Senior Blockchain Developer, Bevel, Accenture