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Membership Research Resources

This page is intended to serve as a research resource to HC-SIG membership for all aspects of blockchain technologies in healthcare. As a member, feel free to post/update as appropriate, but please be sure to observe author/publisher copyrights. 

Primary Data

Primary data is data that is collected by researchers first-hand from primary sources, using methods like observations, surveys, and interviews.

Secondary Data

Secondary data is data gathered from second-hand studies, surveys, or experiments.

Importantly, whitepapers are non-peer-reviewed publications, typically self-published by vendors or other business entities. Research that qualifies as part of the scientific evidence-base are published in academic, peer-reviewed research journals.

Of special merit, one of our HC-SIG members, Wendy Charles, has provided membership with her own very comprehensive list of blockchain article citations. It is an exceptional resource, and worthy of study:


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Additional Resources:

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