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Welcome and Opening Statements - Monday October 14  9:00AM Pacific Time (16:00 UTC)

New Member Introductions : 5 minutes

  • If you’re new to the group, please…

    • Introduce yourself, your background and interest in the group

    • Your anticipated level of participation/commitment
      (active, infrequent, capable of taking on a role and/or task)

    • Tell us where you're geographically located

    • What days, times you prefer or can work with

    • Respond to queries and comments from the group

    • Consider posting your contact information in our HC-SIG Membership Directory

In attendance:

  • Steven Elliott
  • Susan Ramonat (this time with audio!)

Review of last meeting agenda: Goals, Means : 10 minutes

  • General review of HIS mission statement and goals

  • Member participation and expectations
  • Feel free to make an announcement here, on our Rocket.Chat channel, or via our email listserv

In general Susan and I reviewed the last meeting discussions around goals and how they might be organized into milestones that could be broken into tasks for completion.

General discussion : 45 minutes

  • Review project milestones

  • Review and discuss proposed Epics
  • Discuss initial stories for Epic I: Conceptually what is a Semantically Interoperable Clinical Knowledgebase?
    • What clinical domains need to be included:
      • Dx -Diagnosis
      • Sx - Symptoms
      • Fx - Fracture
      • Tx - Treatment
      • Hx – History
      • Patient, Pharmacy, Laboratory, Observation, Condition, Procedure, etc.

    • What are the clinical artifacts needed to represent a clinical/medical encounter?
      • Do clinical models currently exist?
      • Define semantic interoperability.

Despite there being only two people, Susan and myself, there was a significant amount of discussion regarding Epics and how they could be broken down into stories that would complete them.  Susan proposed and I agree that instead of waiting to define a use-case it would be useful to have one to anchor discussions around something concrete.  Hoping that having a use-case would be a means of anchoring and focusing discussion.  So with that in mind it was decided that the use-case for immunization would be our candidate.  At the next meeting I will have the episode of care documented so it can be reviewed by those attending.

In addition to the use-case there was discussion around assumptions.  Assumptions will play an important role in allowing development of the primary goal without having to assume responsibility for developing all of the necessary infrastructure a production system would require.  Assumptions will include functionality such as consent management and identity including both authorization and authentication.  Identity will be needed for all parties interacting on the blockchain.  We will develop the interfaces needed from identity for ledger interaction but make assumptions where identity is provisioned and possibly how identity is stored.  Details about the interfaces and related concerns will be carefully documented so that assumptions can be used to address the requirements an implementation would need to allow for interaction including authentication, authorization, data privacy (GDPR), HIPPA and probably others.

In regards to the immunization use-case Susan brought up the ability to increase the scope to population health and drug supply chain.  We both agreed that these cases could be follow-on and derivative work but outside our immediate scope.  For the time being these cases would be discussed to the depth required to ensure any solution we created could be expanded to include the means necessary to build these solutions or at least not develop a solution that would impede further work.  Again, working within current understandings of clinical interoperability.

Short term goals are to begin Epic and Story creation that will hopefully provide a roadmap to a minimally viable POC.

Next Meeting

  • Discussion: topics to add to agenda?
  • Scheduled for Monday, 2019.10.28, 09:00 Pacific Time

Meeting Notes

Current Epic Document


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