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  • Mike Pica: Blockchain Healthcare DAO Progress 
  • BHTY: Leveraging Blockchain Technology for Informed Consent Process and Patient Engagement in a Clinical Trial Pilot:   
  • Wired: States and Genetic Privacy Laws
  • Alan Morrison: How reliable are smart contracts and what can they be used for? 
  • Oxford Academic: Designing and testing a blockchain application for patient identity management in healthcare (University Blockchain Research Initiative’s Visionary 2021 Award Winner)
  • Decentriq: Partners with 20 pharma companies to collaborate on sensitive data together
  • Nokia: AI Data Marketplace model
  • Facebook: Launch Subscriptions on Novi the BC-based wallet
  • OneRecord: Developer APIs for interop EHRs 
  • Frontiers: BC-based, Self-Sovereign Identity in Education 

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  1. We are hiring across many projects at the Linux Foundation!


    Hyperledger Marketing Manager

    Hyperledger Ecosystem Manager

    Hyperledger Community Architect 

    openIDL - Executive Director - openIDL (open Insurance Data Link) is a permissioned blockchain network that streamlines regulatory reporting and provides new insights for insurers, while enhancing timeliness, accuracy, and value for regulators. Members already include major carriers, The Hanover, The Hartford, Travelers, Selective, AAIS (Regulatory Reporting Association) and state regulators including CT, MS, VA.  openIDL is built with Hyperledger Fabric, read case study here.