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  • Jim St. Clair joins Linux Foundation Public Health as Executive Director
  • Paul Brody (EY): Blockchains Won't Fix the Internet's Privacy Problem
  • Intel & ConsenSys Health: Press release on BC/AI for Clinical Trial Management Research
  • Nature: Digital Signatures for Early Traumatic Brain Injury Outcome Prediction in ICU
  • Imperial College: Adversarial Inference and its Mitigations in Privacy Preserving Collaborative Machine Learning 
  • Gartner: DOJ and Blockchain Analytics to stop crypto crime
  • Shell: Decentralized Digital Passports for Equipment
  • US Justice Department: Creates National Cryptocurrency Enforcement team 
  • US FDIC: Investigating Pass Through Deposit Insurance for Stablecoins
  • Vitalik: Ethereum was created because his World of Warcraft character was taken advantage of in a centralized system

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