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  • Global Blockchain Initiative: Digitizing Healthcare-- Risks and Opportunities of Blockchain in the Healthcare System
  • JMIR: Potential Uses of Blockchain Technology for Outcomes Research on Opioids
  • Mike Pica: Leading Science from Zero-sum-- Open Science DAOs
  • PECB Insights (Wendy Charles): The Alliance Between AI and Blockchain. (Pg. 6) Blockchain Innovations in Healthcare
  • Review Blockchain in Healthcare Use Cases (Add/Drop)
  • Ideation Sessions:
    • What questions in the space do we want answered?
      • Challenges and opportunities for blockchain and healthcare in LATAM
    • What teams can help educate us on topics we want to learn more about? 
      • Lumedic
      • BurstIQ
      • Steven Elliot (Fabric Health Interop) 
      • Doug (FHIRBlocks)

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