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Welcome and Opening Statements

Meeting recording/transcript

In attendance:

  • Rich Bloch (host)
  • Wendy Charles
  • Raveesh
  • Alicia P
  • Brian Behlendorf
  • Jim Mason
  • Guillermo Diaz
  • jonathan holt (ConsenSys Health)
  • Kamlesh Nagware
  • Nurcan's iPhone
  • Ray C


  • If you’re new to the group, please…

    • Introduce yourself

    • Tell us where you're geographically located

    • Share with us your interests in healthcare in general, and blockchain technologies in specific

    • Consider posting your contact information in our HC-SIG Membership Directory
    • Questions? Review our HC-SIG FAQ for answers

Community Announcements

  • Do you have any announcements that you'd like to share with the HC-SIG community?

HC-SIG Subgroup Updates

  • Jim, Deniz, and Rich provided an update on the work that's been done with the team's eConsensus PoC. According to Deniz, European pharmaceutical companies are interested in this work going forward. Upcoming meetings will focus on what the team wants to do beyond their PoC solution
  • Raveesh provided an update on the Payer Subgroup, noting that they just received approval for participation in Hyperledger Labs (congrats to the team!)
    • The team's modern-pharmacy-management project is now available for viewing (still very new)
    • A reminder that Payer Subgroup meetings are semi-monthly, every other Friday (opposite of these HC-SIG General Meetings) at 1300 EST/1000 Pacific
  • The HIS subgroup continues to develop their solution around syntactic vs. semantic interoperability 
  • Subgroup meetings are semi-monthly on Monday's at 0900 Pacific
    • The team is currently looking to develop core membership, so please contact either Steven or Rich for details

HC-SIG Ad Hoc Team Updates

  • Wiki Redesign Team (Rich Bloch, Lead)

    • Work continues on our SIG site design

    • Discussion: are you a Confluence expert... interested in joining this team?

  • HC-SIG Use Case Development Team (Erika Beerbower, Lead)

  • An excellent conversation around the need and history of the Use Case Development Team, with a special thanks to Wendy Charles for providing a good backgrounder on how this team first came about
  • Work continues on this team, with use cases in active development
  • The team (in part by virtue of their ad hoc status) meets as needed, so please contact either Erika or Rich for details

Unfinished Business

  • Since early March of this year, HC-SIG membership has focused on collaboratively identifying and sharing solutions as they relate to the COVID-19 virus pandemic. Special thanks to the many guest speakers who shared their solutions with HC-SIG members around the world. As this pandemic continues to present challenges to communities, states, provinces, and countries globally, we will provide ongoing support updates as they become available.
  • Again, to all who have helped... thank you!

Another excellent conversation that engaged Jonathan, Jim, Brian, and others around a number of topics including:

  • ConsensysHealth's recent hackathon
    • ~500 teams participated
    • Some excellent winning solutions
      • We hope to have these winning teams speak to HC-SIG membership
  • Contact tracing
    • Quite a bit of ongoing work around this topic
    • Some questions/issues around end user trust in sharing data, and how best to do so such that people are engaged and participatory
    • Future initiatives forthcoming

COVID-19 Virus Pandemic Support

Funding from Around the World

Funding in the US

  • Innovation challenges offered through the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
    • Deadline: Friday, June 12th, 2020 at 11:59 PM EDT 
      • Emergency Response for the General Public Innovation ChallengeThe Emergency Response for the General Public Challenge is looking for health technology tools to support the needs of individuals whose lives have been affected by a large-scale health crisis (pandemic, natural disaster, or other public health emergency). 

      • Emergency Response for the Health Care System Challenge. The Emergency Response for the Health Care System Challenge is seeking digital tools that can support the health care system during a large-scale health crisis. Examples include but are not limited to tools that can support providers, government, and public health and community organizations. 

  • National Cancer Institute (NCI) Funding Opportunities for Small Businesses (SBIRs/STTRs). Updated MAR 27. The NCI participates in the NIH-issued SBIR and an STTR Omnibus grant solicitation for small businesses, which allow small businesses to submit researcher-initiated projects that are within NIH’s mission. 
  • National Institute of Health (NIH) Funding Opportunities. Updated MAY 14. Urgent Competitive Revision to Existing NIH Grants and Cooperative Agreements (Urgent Supplement - Clinical Trial Optional) recently updated through "Notice of Special Interest (NOSI): Availability of Administrative Supplements and Revision Supplements on Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)."

  • COVID Help for Families. A match-making service for for those offering help and those seeking help during this pandemic. Help Seekers can post urgent needs for Helpers in their area to see and fulfill. Helpers will be able to see those help requests in their area and offer help. The Helpers can get in touch with the Help Seekers and deliver the help that is requested

  • Additional COVID-19 Funding Opportunities

New Business

  • Open Discussions (Rich)

    • Discussion: your thoughts on changes you'd like to see with the HC-SIG?

Next Meeting

  • Scheduled for Friday, 2020.06.26, 0700 Pacific Time

  • Discussion: topics to add to agenda?


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