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Welcome and Opening Statements

In attendance:

  • Steven Elliott
  • Deniz Coskun
  • Erika Beerbower
  • Adrian Berg
  • bates
  • Jeff Stollman
  • Robert Coli
  • Kamlesh Nagware
  • Steve Wishstar


  • If you’re new to the group, please…

    • Introduce yourself

    • Tell us where you're geographically located

    • Share with us your interests in healthcare in general, and blockchain technologies in specific

    • Consider posting your contact information in our HC-SIG Membership Directory

Community Announcements

  • Blockchain Health Summit, happening October 15-17 in New York, USA (New York City)
    • Anyone from membership planning to attend?
  • Global Blockchain Summit, happening in Westminster, CO on OCT 03/04
    • Wendy Charles, HC-SIG Vice-Chair, will be speaking at this conference event

Erika Beerbower provided a live update from the conference reporting there were around 100+ people attending.  Nevertheless there was representation from both enterprise and government entities. This is a general blockchain meeting not necessarily focused on healthcare.  Converge2Xcelerate in Boston, MA on Oct 15 will be more focused on healthcare which Erika will also be attending. Hope to get an update from her next meeting

  • Converge2Xcelerate Conference, happening in Boston, MA on OCT 15
    • Tory Cenaj, conference coordinator, will be presenting at an upcoming HC-SIG guest speaker
  • Do you have any announcements that you'd like to share with the HC-SIG community?

HC-SIG Subgroup Updates

  • Patient/Member Subgroup (Deniz Coskun, Lead)
    Deniz provided a comprehensive update of the Patient/Member Subgroup detailing current efforts to tackle Informed Consent and Identity Management focusing on two frameworks, Fabric and Sawtooth.  The group is working with Linux Foundation to obtain GitHub access in the Hyperledger labs to move coding efforts from public GitHub accounts.

  • Payer Subgroup (Raveesh Dewan, Lead)
    Raveesh updated the group with the current status of the Payer Subgroup noting that due to inconsistent attendance and scheduling difficulties they were focused on tasks to rebuild and regroup.  Raveesh noted they had a successful MeetUp recently and from this group have come several valuable ideas and increased enthusiasm.

  • Healthcare Interoperability Subgroup (Steven Elliott, Lead)
    The HIS subgroup started meetings in August and September.  Steven has promised to be more consistent in messaging meetings and for now the group will meet every other Monday at 09:00 Pacfic Time the next meeting to be held Monday, October 14.

HC-SIG Ad Hoc Team Updates

  • Wiki Redesign Team (Raveesh Dewan, Lead)

    • Work continues on our SIG site design

    • Discussion: are you a Confluence expert... interested in joining this team?
  • Academic Research Team (Logan Wilding, Wendy Charles, Nisarg Amin, and Adrian Berg, Lead)
    Adrian provided a detailed wrap-up of the Academic Group current activities focused on:
    Cost of Blockchain in the Cloud

        AWS Cost Structures
        Aggregate costs
        Cost comparisons with in house / old-school deployments
    Sawtooth vs. Fabric resource costs
    ...other initiatives including Patient Matching which Bob Coli mentioned the Chime initiative and resources he could contribute.

  • HC-SIG Use Case Development Team (Wendy Charles, Lead)

Old Business

New Business

  • We're coming to the close of 2019... time to update our HC-SIG Membership Survey
    • Discussion: are you interested in helping with starting an Ad Hoc Survey Team with the goal of updating our annual membership survey? If so, let us know!
  • Open Discussions (Rich)

    • Discussion: your thoughts on changes you'd like to see with the HC-SIG?

Next Meeting

  • Scheduled for Friday, 2019.10.18, 0700 Pacific Time

  • Discussion: topics to add to agenda?


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