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  1. I'd like to contribute to Grid, at least testing, but can see some projects restructuring is in-flight, also additional support is needed for Rust  Unable to render Jira issues macro, execution error.  

    This is what I have gathered (it may well be incorrect)...

    • grid allows for side-by-side contributions for industry specific use cases such as grid-contrib/track-and-trace
    • track-and-trace has domain specific transaction processors and validators.
    • additional industry specific use cases could also be contributed such as grid-contrib/insurance-certification?
    • the real reason for grid is blockchain is mostly cli (command line interface) which restricts programing languages to ecmascript based ie javascript and node.
    • Sawtooth/Sabre introduces Rust programming (security-based) language. To make Rust web browser compatible requires WASM (web assembly).
    • To make Sawtooth identity private keys secure, WASM is best run inside PDOs (private data objects) on SGX based Intel processors. 
    • WASM supports not only Rust but other cross compilation to javascript of other programming languages such as Java, Dart, C++ to in browser.
    • Support of additional programming languages will help the adoption of Hyperledger Sawtooth and other modular Hyperledger projects.
    • There are many complex details to make cross-compilation to WASM resilient and robust. Sabre will draw on substrate by Paritytech to support WASM.
    • Grid runs Sabre, which supports grid contributions?


    1. PDO is an off-chain execution concept. It's not linked to Grid directly. Conversely there's nothing opposed to making use of PDO with Grid.
      As far as protecting your private keys, PDO is unrelated to that as far as I understand the comment.