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Information about upcoming meetings and recordings and notes of past meetings are kept in this section.  Click on the relevant meeting links in the left sidebar to find out more.

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  1. Hi All,

    Due to my crazy schedule lately, I have not been able to send an update for our EASIG kick-off meeting in Chicago about a month ago till now. I want to first and foremost thank everyone who has attended our kick-off meeting either onsite or online. Despite a little hiccup at the beginning which caused a few minutes delay, the meeting was better attended than I had expected, it was the EDUCAUSE week after all. I am particularly happy about the representation at the meeting including representatives from US Department of Education; from higher education institutions like Maryville University, ASU, Western Governors University and Education Design Lab; from blockchain service providers like Salesforce and, etc. I know I have missed a few schools and businesses so please feel free to add them in.

    Together with Sharon Leu from US Department of Education, Phil Long from ASU, Phil Konarmy from Salesforce, we were able to kick off the Education Architect SIG and shared with the attendees the SIG charter, the proposals that Phil Long and I have proposed to the Hyperledger Gloal Forum 2020, as well as the recent release of the White Paper on Interoperable Learner Records from the White House and Trusted Learner Records from ASU and Salesforce.

    I want to say a special Thanks to Phil Komarny and the Salesforce team for their support! I am also very grateful for the support from all of our EASIG members, so thank you ALL!

    Warm regards,


    EASIG Interim Chair

  2. All,

    Now that we have started Education Architecture Special Interest Group (EASIG), as the Interim Chair, I'd like to propose that we conduct a formal election to select a chair and a vice chair for the group. As it is defined in our charter, 7.3b Election, which is attached towards the end of this message, states that there are 2 ways you can express your interests, one is to send an email to this list, and the other contact directly Mr. David Boswell as the Hyperledger point of contact. As much as I would like to continue facilitating the group, I'd highly encourage every member to run for the 2 leadership roles: the chair and vice chair.

    I'd suggest that we start the open period tomorrow (11/8/2019) for 7 days for those of you who are interested to put your names on the ballot. After the 7th day (11/15/2019), I'll ask David Boswell to help set up an election poll and keep it running for 2 days till 11/17/2019 for the EASIG members to vote. David will announce the election results at the end of the 2nd day. 

    Please let me know ASAP if you have any questions and/or would suggest to change the procedures.

    Without any doubt, this is a very significant SIG, which was the reason why I, like many early supporters wanted to create the group to begin with. We are at the point now that we can either work together to establish some standards for blockchain education architecture and build interoperable and easy access to blockchain services to ALL learners, or we can continue to pursue our own blockchain solutions like what has happened in so many IT areas in education such as ERP, CMS and LMS, just to name a few. You can help build and grow this group and make it a major voice in education blockchain.



  3. Feb 27, 2020  AGENDA

    1. Hyperledger Global Forum: SIG Opportuntiies

    2. Updates: Trusted Learner Network (TLN) Unconference - March 2nd, 2020 at ASU Skysong Innovation Campus N. Scottsdale Rd.

    3. Use of the EASIG Mailing List.

    4. Issues from the Members?

  4. I think with the current covid-19 evolving pandemic I think we need to postpone the planned meeting tomorrow, Thursday Mach 12th, 2020. Please check this space and look at the list for further updates on the next meeting.

    To be absolutely clear, we WILL NOT have a call tomorrow, Thursday, March 12th, 2020, given the current prioritization many of us in the academy have in moving education to online forms.

  5. Hi Philip & Team,

    Are these meetings not happening ? I would like to present education product to the community.