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  1. DCI goals for the event that we can measure ourselves against. You can review here some ideas we had for 2020, we did the happy hour trivia, community talk with Tracy and Swetha, and promoted "all are welcome here". Anything else?

  • Submit a session on the agenda to highlight DCI WG and individuals in the community--Lindsay
  • Diversity in attendance
    • 2020: 80% male, 18% female, .08% non-binary
    • 2021 goal? 25% female speakers - identify what we can do to help achieve this
  • Diversity in speakers
    • 2020: 75% male, 17% female
    • 2021 goal? No all male panels–already a default in CFP rules. Perhaps add to marketing messaging?
  • Blog on what we're doing in D&I after agenda is released, that we're including event demographics on event page (not commonly done in other events)
  • Geographic representation
    • 2020: 6 continents
      • 2021 goal?
    • 2020: 37 countries
      • 2021 goal? 50 countries
  • Other DCI goals?
  • Inclusion of ADA tools
    • Update: we have a sponsor for closed captioning and translation!
  • Create a guide for DCI event practices

  1. DCI WG guidance for the program committee - call for proposals ends this Friday and they will begin reviewing them soon, share LF events guidance and ask for additional DCI WG
  2. DCI WG panel - Lindsay can speak to this
  3. DCI sponsored session - Alissa can you share your initial thoughts on this?
  4. Scholarships to attend- help us get the word out
  5. Pick a group of media partners to engage with us on the event, ideally ones that we'd like to work with on our broader priorities the rest of the year
  6. Badging or awards? This would be a good way to push the badges we've been talking about through or start an award program 

Other ideas

"voices across Hyperledger" short concise answer to common question, share translation video

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