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Blockchain Community- Inclusion and Diversity Survey DATA PRIVACY NOTICE AND CONSENT

Thank you for your willingness to participate in the 2019 Blockchain Community- Inclusion and Diversity Survey created and conducted by Accenture. Inclusion and diversity (I&D) are proven foundational elements for driving innovation and enabling trusted communities— and at its core—Blockchain is about innovation and creating trusted networks. Therefore, the Blockchain community has a key role to play to address current I&D challenges (e.g. underrepresentation of women and minorities) across the Blockchain ecosystem. Developing strategies and solutions to address these challenges is not only a commercial necessity but also the right thing to do. Your completion of this survey will help to 1) provide research driven insights to better understand the current state of inclusion and diversity in blockchain and 2) inform strategic priorities and community actions items to better build an inclusive and diverse pipeline of people, services, and products. Your responses may also be used for research, data analysis and statistical purposes and may be combined with demographic data and previous/future survey responses to produce anonymous, aggregated reports which may be distributed internally within Accenture and/or externally to our clients/third parties for the purposes stated above.

The survey takes about approximately 6-8 minutes to complete. It is important that you respond candidly throughout this survey, so we can get accurate results. Please do not refer to yourself or other individuals by name or another identifier when responding.

Participation in this survey is optional and entirely voluntary (there are no individual consequences if you choose not to respond).

All responses you provide will be treated confidentially and aggregated with other responses. Your individual response will not be shared in an identifiable form with our clients or anyone within Accenture, other than: (i) Accenture Research team supporting the analysis.

All parties that have access to your survey responses or are involved in creating reports/data analysis will be subject to strict confidentiality obligations in relation to access and use of the data and will be given adequate training on how to handle the data confidentially.

This survey is being administered by Accenture LLP (United States) who is the data controller for this survey. More information about how Accenture will process your personal data can be found in Accenture Global Data Privacy Statement and Accenture’s Global Data Privacy Policy 0090 (a copy of which is available on request).

All identifiable responses to the survey will be stored by Accenture for a reasonable time to fulfil the above-mentioned purposes, and in accordance with internal Accenture retention policies, (the maximum time such identifiable responses may be stored by Accenture is 1 year after which the data will be deleted, destroyed or otherwise rendered unidentifiable).

Accenture is a global organization and may transfer your data to other countries in which Accenture's worldwide organization does business and to vendors globally. All such vendors are subject to contractual obligations in relation to the processing of your personal data. Accenture also has internal policies in place to ensure an equivalent level of protection is in place across the organization.

Accenture’s Global Data Privacy Policy 0090 (a copy of which is available on request) and Accenture Global Data Privacy Statement explains your rights, to inquire about access and rectify or erasure of your data or restriction of processing and object to its processing as well as the right to data portability in accordance with applicable data privacy laws. You can do this by contacting Global Data Privacy Team:

By participating in this survey and check off “I acknowledge”, you agree to the processing by Accenture and its vendors of the information set out above in the manner and purposes described above (including any transfer of your information to other countries) in accordance with Accenture’s Global Data Privacy Policy 0090 (a copy of which is available on request) and Accenture Global Data Privacy Statement and in accordance with the laws of the applicable country. You may withdraw your consent for the future at any time by an e-mail to Survey Solutions team at

I acknowledge
































  1. Where are you located (country)?

  2. Please circle your age range.

- Under 18

- 18-19 years old

- 20-27 years old

- 28-35 years old

- 36-43 years old

- 44-51 years old

- 52-70 years old

- 71 or older

  1. What gender do you identify with?




Gender non-confirming

Prefer not to say

  1. What is your sexual orientation?





Prefer not to say

  1. What is your race or origin? (select all that apply)





American Indian/Alaskan Native

Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander

Middle Eastern/Arab

None of the above

Prefer not to answer

  1. What industry do you work in?


Agriculture (including farming)

Aerospace & Defense


Banking (Retail or Investment)

Business Services/Management Consulting




Consumer Goods & Services

Education, Training

Electronics & High Tech


Finance/Capital Markets

Forestry or Forest Products

Freight & Logistics

Government (Central/State or Local, Civil Service), Public Sector

Healthcare Admin

Healthcare Providers (Doctor, Dentist, Nurse etc.)

Industrial Equipment



Media & Entertainment, Arts

Medical Products

Metals & Mining


Oil, gas, coal, renewables or other energy

Personal services

Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Medical Research

Real Estate and Rental and Leasing


Technology, IT, Digital

Technology startup

Travel & Transportation Services


Wholesale Trade


  1. Please indicate your current or most recent career level:





Senior Management



  1. What is your level of engagement with blockchain technology?

I am a blockchain SME and/or developer and work full-time in blockchain

I work/have worked part-time in the blockchain space

Learning about the technology to support current role

Learning about the technology with desire to move onto a blockchain project/opportunity

Learning about the technology to keep abreast of emerging technology trends and disruption

None of the above

  1. What is your motivation for working in blockchain? (select all that apply)

Training opportunities provided

Support of a mentor

Diverse community

Visible role models of my gender

Freedom to be creative/innovative

Fear that I will not advance if I do not prove to be innovative or involve in new technology

Passion for creating something new

A desire to help my organization to achieve its mission/purpose

Recognition and respect as an innovator in blockchain

Financial rewards

Increasing or improving my chances of being promoted/advancing at work

  1. What barriers are you facing that prevent your successful engagement within the blockchain ecosystem? (select all that apply)

I don’t have a blockchain network to engage with

I don’t believe I have the right skills required to engage

I don’t believe I’m exposed to blockchain engagements to provide me the opportunities

I don’t believe blockchain opportunities exist within my organization  

I don’t believe my leadership supports my engagement in the blockchain ecosystem

Lack of flexible working opportunities

I don’t have access to diverse and visible blockchain role models

Lack of accessible blockchain training opportunities

I do not have the freedom to be creative/innovative  

None of the above

  1. Which, if any, of the following aspects of your working environment have MOST helped you advance in blockchain? (select all that apply)

Being given trust and responsibility

Freedom to be myself at work

Accessible training opportunities

Commitment to flexible working

Freedom to be creative/innovative

Support of a mentor/leader

Diverse leadership team

Commitment to gender diversity

Visible role models of my gender

None of the above

  1. I believe the blockchain ecosystem has an inclusive and diverse community



It’s improving

I don’t know

  1. Please rate how inclusive and diverse you believe the blockchain community to be compared to the broader technology community

More diverse and inclusive

Equally diverse and inclusive

Less diverse and inclusive

I don’t know

  1. Rate your level of comfort or willingness to ask a question or similarly engage at blockchain conferences, webinars, or workshops.
  • – 10 (1 being won’t ever speak up, 10 being extremely comfortable/willing)


  1. What has been your experience with inclusion and diversity in the blockchain community?

I have witnessed others been subjected to discrimination, exclusion or bias

I have personally been subjected to discrimination, exclusion or bias

I have personally been subjected to discrimination, exclusion or bias and have witnessed others being subjected to discrimination, exclusion or bias

I have never thought about my inclusion and diversity experience in the blockchain community. It’s not on my radar

I have not witnessed nor been subject to discrimination, exclusion or bias

  1. Which top 3 players do you think will have the biggest impact on increasing inclusion and diversity in blockchain? (please rank your top 3 options [1 being the most impactful player])

___ Individuals

___ Companies or corporate initiatives

___ Grassroots movement

___ National government

___ Local government

___ Judicial System

  1. What do you think is the most effective way to address inclusion and diversity challenges in the blockchain community?


Training for reskilling/staffing

Recruitment strategies that reduce bias   

Workplace flexibility

A diverse leadership team

Innovative/inclusive work environment

Mentors/mentorship programs

None of the above

  • No labels