Chapter Proposal (PDF)

Australia and New Zealand (NZ) are among the leading countries in blockchain technology research and development.  Australia hosts various blockchain companies including ever ledger, power ledger, civic ledger, etc. Ethereum has a presence in Brisbane Australia with Consensys. Various blockchain events occur annually including blockchain week, conferences, and webinars. Despite significant potentials, community driven activities including Hyperledger activities are limited. Most of the existing activates focus on blockchain products and not development or core design. Although Hyperledger projects are widely used in various projects, Hyperledger activates are very limited, which in turn limits the extend companies or developers may employ or participate in Hyperledger.

Hyperledger Australasia chapter vision is to uplift blockchain activities by organizing  meetings, hackathons, and webinars. The goals of the chapter can be summarized as:

  1. Gather likeminded people and create a strong blockchain community for knowledge sharing to facilitate blockchain development with a focus on Hyperledger projects.  This can be achieved through webinars and meetups.
  2. Facilitate blockchain development by creating working groups or meetings where  developers can share knowledge and exchange ideas on developing Hyperledger - based blockchains. Due to time difference, the existing meetups in other locations are not convenient for Australia and NZ community. A dedicated chapter in these regions facilitates meetings in proper time for the community.
  3. Supporting student activities with a focus on learning Hyperledger blockchain projects and applying those in real - life scenarios. This can be achieved by organizing hackathons, meetups, or webinars. The chapter also aims to engage with researchers to conduct research on or using Hyperledger projects which in turn may lead to improvements in Hyperledger projects.

We believe the outlined goals and activities will receive significant attention from blockchain community. This in turn facilitates developing Hyperledger - based blockchains and opens up opportunities to contribute to Hyperledger projects.

Communication channels

Feel free to join discussion about the Hyperledger community in Australia and New Zealand in the #australasia-chapter channel on Hyperledger's Discord server.

Meetup groups

There are currently over 2,200 members of these groups:

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