The Hyperledger Africa Chapter aims to showcase the broad range of Hyperledger projects and initiatives to the African audience.

This Chapter is responsible for:

  1. Growing the Hyperledger community in Africa,
  2. Promoting contributions to (global) Hyperledger projects, and
  3. Providing a platform for:
    1. Regional (Pan-African) collaboration,
    2. International (Global) collaboration,
    3. Technical Capacity Development, and
    4. Support for enterprise blockchain projects.


Our goals are to:

  • Help promote the adoption of Hyperledger projects across the 54 countries represented on the African continent.
  • Grow the Hyperledger user and developer community in Africa.
  • Promote contributions from African members back to any of the (global) Hyperledger projects.
  • Provide a credible platform for (product and technical) guidance and support.
  • Facilitate intra- and inter-continental collaboration on any of the Hyperledger projects and initiatives.


The anticipated activities will include (but not be limited to):

  • Maintaining an active and vibrant network of members across all 54 African countries, from which global ambassadors, mentors and other blockchain leaders can emerge.
  • Organizing technical events (including but not limited to hackathons, meetups, as well as education and training sessions).

  • Organizing business and industry meetups and exchanges to promote cross-pollination of ideas and best practices.

The following weekly meetings are conducted under the auspices of the India Chapter (updated times and other details can be found on the Hyperledger Calendar) :

  • Hyperledger Africa Monthly Meetup - proposed 2nd Thursday of every Month
  • Hyperledger Quarterly Hackathon - proposed 1st weekend of every Quarter

Virtual Format

Due to the prevalent circumstances surrounding the global Coronavirus pandemic of 2020, all activities are currently being conducted virtually for the foreseeable future. If and when this will change, such information will be adequate communicated with sufficient time consideration.

Chapter Leads

Regional Leads

The leads of this Chapter are:

  • Idowu Akinde - representing West Africa
  • Adulu Miller - representing East Africa
  • Joubert Cilliers - representing Southern Africa, and
  • Mouad Misrar - representing North Africa

Member List


Contact/Email/RocketChat handle

Brief Introduction


State / Area

Idowu AkindeRocketChat: @idowuakinde
Twitter: @idowuakinde

Adulu MillerRocket Chat: --
Email: --

Oumar FALL

Rocket Chat: @knibals
Twitter: @knibals

Joubert Cilliers

Email: Joubert.Cilliers@gmail.com

Twitter: @DJoubertC

South AfricaCape Town
Mouad MISRARmouad.misrar@mohandis.ma
Ronnie Kimbugwe





Existing Content Before 15SEP2020


Community space for organizers of the joint Hyperledger Africa virtual meetups

Backlog of topics

  • The "Build Your First Network" series:
    • Hyperledger Fabric => Build Your First Network
    • Hyperledger Sawtooth => Build Your First Network
    • Hyperledger Indy => Build Your First Network
    • ... (any other?)
  • The "Hyperledger Use Case Highlight" series:
    • Hyperledger in the Financial Services Industry
    • Hyperledger in the Mining Industry
    • Hyperledger in the Property Management Industry
    • Hyperledger in the Automobile Industry
    • Hyperledger in the Pharmaceutical Industry
    • Hyperledger in the Entertainment Industry
    • ... (any other?)
  • Identity (HL Indy Ursa)
  • HLF Developer Sessions (independent from meetups, bi-weekly ~ 1h)
  • HLS (Hyperledger Sawtooth)
  • HL in >> insert industry <<
    • Financial Services Industry:
      • Banking (Know Your Customer, Cross-Border Payments)
      • Insurance (Instant Claims Processing)
    • Mining Industry (Supply Chain, Provenance)
    • Logistics Industry (Supply Chain)
    • Property Management (Asset History)
    • Automobile Industry (Vehicle History)
    • Pharmaceutical Industry (Provenance / Traceability)
    • Entertainment Industry (Intellectual Property Rights)
    • ...

Useful resources

Discord Community

Meetup Organizer's Guide

Presentations for Meetups

Get Involved

Participation in this group is open to anyone who is interested, and all are not only welcome to participate, but actively encouraged to contribute.

To get involved with the Hyperledger Africa Chapter, please feel free to join the discussion on these channels and meetings:

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  1. Our project, Kweli, can feature in the Lightning Talk. Here's the project page for more information: https://kweli.adaf.io

    1. Fantastic, Eddie. Are 15mins sufficient or must we rather consider dedicating more time?

  2. that's enough. won't get into details in an intro meetup. tho' I'd expect questions in q & a to be a lot generally. maybe have fabric intro at 30 mins?

  3. Gerhard you mentioned a project regarding plastic (Hope I did hear correctly)

    Great project Kweli, perfect for Lightning Talk.

    If we cant find a second one, Kweli is fine for as start on its own

    Gerhard will you do the Hyperledger Fabric intro ?(Think you got most relevant INFO)

    1. I propose to give Kweli all the spotlight this time. Plastic Bank can be discussed another tie.

      Happy to take over the Fabric session, if we've consensus as a group

      1. I would need about 25-30 minutes to talk about Indy and Kweli.

        Doesn't hurt having both of our talks on the same day since it's mostly high level. For Kweli, owing to it's depth, I may later do a live demo in a future meetup.

  4. Is the date and time now fixed as

    April 30, 14:00 - 16:00 (UTC) ?

    Would like to announce on Cape Town MeetUp group

    I dont see it listed in Events yet

    1. David Boswell kindly update the Events calendar for this event.

      1. Yes, as soon as the event is posted on the Hyperledger Cape Town meetup group, I'll start promoting it and add it to the Hyperledger community calendar and the list of upcoming virtual Hyperledger meetups.

  5. Who volunteers for the Welcome and HL Update sessions?

    1. HI Think we should ask David Boswell to do opening as its the First All Africa Virtual Meet Up ?

      1. Joubert Cilliers Yes, I'd be happy to do that.  Do you want me to take the 20 minutes for the Q1 update?

        1. That would be amazing, David Boswell. I liked the way Brian gave the intro in yesterday's Riyadh meetup, highlighting the maturity in the enterprise blockchain, the vast ecosystem of members and tools, and the invite to everyone to contribute.

          1. Gerhard Dinhof Thanks for making space in the agenda for this.  And I was thinking of doing something very similar to what Brian shared in the other meetup.  I was going to take the Q1 2020 update slides and then add in some information about how to contribute.  Let me know if this fits with what you're looking for.

            2020 update slides:

          2. hi Gerhard Dinhof - could you share a link to that Riyadh meetup for reference?

            1. Idowu Akinde A recording of the recent Riyadh meetup is at:

              Watching Brian's update would be a good way to prepare to give the 2020 update next week.

              1. Thank you. My thoughts exactly.

              2. Brian made the slides come alive... He's a good salesman too!

                Do we need a moderator?

                1. Having a moderator is a good idea.  Someone can watch the chat discussion during the talks to identify questions and can bring those questions up during the Q&A and can moderate people wanting to ask other questions during Q&A as well.

  6. Any proposals for a catchy Title?

    1. 1  Hyperledger Connects Africa

      2  Hyperledger Unites Africa

      3  Hyperledger Re-Connects Africa

      1. +1 for ".... connects Africa"

        Fits perfectly with the theme of this year's Global Forum "Everyone is welcome"

    2. Hyperledger Africa Meetup #1?

      1. Hyperledger Africa Connect

      2. Serious geeks start counting at 0 – or in timechain terms, with the "Genesis block" B-)

        1. Nice one, Gerhard Dinhof. The nerd in you just couldn't resist that, could you? (wink) 

  7. Morning

    I will posted on Cape Town meetup and share link here.

    I was under the impression we all will share simultaneously on our respective Meet Up's. I will go First (smile)

    What is the Title ??

    0  Hyperledger Africa Meetup

    1  Hyperledger Connects Africa

    2  Hyperledger Unites Africa

    3  Hyperledger Re-Connects Africa

    (Personal I think we should start counting from 42) (smile)

    1. Joubert Cilliers Thanks for posting this event and sharing the link.  And yes, it would be great if everyone else shares this as an event on your groups too.  It is good to have one group go first so we have one template we apply on the other groups so that we're sharing the same information out to everyone.

  8. HI

    By end of today we must picked or have a Title (0-4) ?

    I will then  go  ahead and post on Cape Town Meetup

  9. Hello everyone,

    Agenda looking good so far.

    1. I vote for #1 ("Hyperledger Connects Africa").
    2. I also added HLS (Hyperledger Sawtooth) to the Backlog of Topics. Is Fabric the only framework that we want to spotlight / support?

    Kind regards.

  10. I don't see any name against the 2nd item on the agenda (Hyperledger Q1 2020 Update). Can I volunteer?

    1. Idowu Akinde – I'd be happy for you to do the Q1 2020 update.  If you want to do that, then I could take about 10 minutes after to speak about how to contribute to Hyperledger?

      1. Okay, David Boswell.

        Yes, I can handle that.

        1. Idowu Akinde – Great, glad to hear.  Please let me know if you have any questions about any of the content in the Q1 2020 presentation at:

      2. Here are the slides about How to get involved.  I can cover this in about 10 minutes.  I can do that at first and then hand it to Idowu Akinde for the 2020 update.

  11. HI Team

    I made some changes to agenda, please approve.

    I suggest David and Idowu do the welcoming, David as a representative of Hyperledger and Idowu from Nigeria representing Africa (We can rotate this for next Meet Up)

    Q1 2020 Update - David as he will have to most relevant INFO

    Eddie Kago  - Africa Case study (Kweli)

    Gerhard Dinhof - Hyperledger Fabric

    Name   - Hyperledger Connects Africa

    I will post this tomorrow morning if no one objects

    1. Okay, looks good to me...

  12. HI Team

    I have posted event on Hyperledger Cape Town as well as Durban Meet Up groups


    Please post on your groups as well

  13. Thanks, Joubert Cilliers.

    Just thinking: do we need to create a "Hyperledger Africa" header image for these events in the same format as what we currently have for Hyperledger Cape Town or any of the other Hyperledger groups in Africa?

    1. Idowu Akinde – good idea.  Having a Hyperledger Africa header image to use for the meetup events and on social media promotions would be great.  Does anyone in the group have design skills who could put something together?  For instance, I like what the Hyperledger Senegal page did by combining the Hyperledger logo with the flag from Senegal.


      1. I see that Joubert Cilliersalready was gracious enough to create one for us, which looks perfect!


  14. I see the Meetup is listed to start at 14:00 UTC. That's 7PM in Kenya and our covid government curfew begins at 7. Most of our members won't have settled at the given time.

    Can we start at 14:30UTC, (7:30PM, Nairobi)?

    1. Here's the event link for Nairobi:


      1. Morning Eddie

        Please check your Zoom Meeting Starting time

        Based it on April 30, 14:00 - 16:00 (UTC)

        Lets discuss in Q&A today best time for next event

  15. Hi

    Here is a Header

    I have change the Ratio to fit Meet Up format

    1. Joubert Cilliers – This looks great.  Thanks for posting.  I'll use this when sharing out about the event.

    2. Perfect. Will use it for the Nigeria event shortly...

  16. Hi everyone,

    I have also shared the event with the Nigeria community.

    Here's the link: https://www.meetup.com/Hyperledger-Nigeria/events/270217254/

    Thank you.

  17. HI Team

    Can we please clarify the admin process of our event

    I assume the Zoom Call will be open and manged my David (Or is that not necessary) 5min prior to call

    I don't mind to help moderate, and look at chat box for questions.

    House keeping rules (Suggestions)

    1. Call originator can/must mute un-mute people.

           2.Participant should be reminded to cut their video/camera feed if their audio is breaking up (Again Originator of call can Stop Video feed)

    1. Joubert Cilliers – thanks for clarifying about the admin process.

      I'll dial-in a few minutes early and will claim host (to confirm timing, I have the meetup on my calendar at 9 am pacific – let me know if I have my time zones wrong).  I'll also start the recording and will post the recording to the Hyperledger YouTube channel after the event.  I'll also mute people who are talking or have background noise. 

      Having someone be a moderator would be great too to keep track of questions during the talks and to call on people during the Q&A.

      1. Hi David

        Not sure if Meet Up time was change ?

        It now shows  April 30, 14:00 - 16:00 (UTC)

        That will be 07:00 Pacific time I think (Please confirm your side as well)

        I have to change my invite as well

        1. Joubert Cilliers – Thanks for confirming the time.  It looks like the times are different on some different event pages which was causing the confusion for me.  For instance, the event page on the Cape Town (4:00 PM GMT+2) and Nairobi (7:00 PM GMT+3) groups are showing different times.  I was basing the 9 am pacific time on the 7:00 PM GMT+3.  Let's see what we can do to make sure the time information is the same on every place where we've posted about the event.



          1. Hi David

            Nairobi is 1 Hour ahead of you South Africa, so there will be difference.

            ZOOM is call is on 14:00 UCT which is same as 14:00 GMT (+0)

            1. Joubert Cilliers Yes, the time zone for Nairobi is an hour ahead, but the time is still off on those two event pages.  Nairobi is showing as 7:00 PM GMT+3 which I think is two hours off of when the event is starting.  If I remember correctly the time on the Cape Town page has changed, so it looks like some of the organizers who took that information have the earlier time information.  To clear this up, I'll email all organizers to make sure we're on the same page about timing.

  18. Bonjour à tous !

    Je viens de publier l'évènement dans le groupe Hyperledger Sénégal (wink)

  19. Hi Team

    Here is my take on starting time today

    April 30, 14:00 - 16:00 (UTC) Time set for meeting

    07:00 Thursday, Pacific Time (PT)

    15:00 Thursday, in Nigeria

    16:00 Thursday, in South Africa (Meet Up Shows 4pm "Correct"

    17:00 Thursday, in Kenya

    1. Thanks Joubert Cilliersfor spotting this.

      I will correct immediately and notify the community. We had earlier scheduled it for 17:00 Nigeria time.

      1. HI

        We must discussed in Q&A today for next event

        We have to accommodate 3 Time Zones in Africa (and possible 4th depending on guest speakers from out side Africa)

        1. Noted. Good idea - As of now, we're already catering to 4 time zones.

          We still need a moderator (someone - like David Boswell said, who will coordinate the agenda, calling up the next speaker, silently reminding each speaker of time left, curating Questions, and co-ordinating the responses to Questions, etc).

          It's not too late for someone to volunteer. Any takers?

        1. Hi Idowu

          I can help moderate, will join call early to coordinate with Davis and rest of team

  20. I think we should expect some negative impact on attendance based off of this confusion around timing, but let's hope for the best all the same - we'll make the best of what we have.

    1. Idowu please send me your e-mail detail


      1. Alright. Sent you an e-mail, sir.

        I hope to be available 30 minutes prior.

        See y'all!

  21. May I be in the meeting prior to the beginning for if I may be of any help?

  22. Hey everyone,

    Except for time management, I don't think we did so bad at today's Meetup.

    Can we have a call to debrief and share observed lessons? We could use the "Start / Stop / Continue" template. This de-brief should also probably be time-boxed, so that it doesn't linger for too long.

    1. I propose a maximum of 30 minutes.

    2. Idowu Akinde – I agree the things went well today and that aligning around timing of the call and promoting the same information out to all of the groups is the main thing for us to look at doing differently next time.  I would be happy to attend a debriefing call if that would be helpful.  Please also feel free to meet as a group without me – that may be easier since you could pick a time that works better for African time zones and you wouldn't need to pick a time that also works for California.

    3. Agree, too long, too packed. I propose reducing to 1h (max 2 speakers / topics) per meetup to keep up the attention span and getting the key takeaways across.

      Happy to jump on a debrief beginning of next week.

      1. +1 to Gerhard's points.  Fewer speakers each time would be good and that could give us more time for Q&A and discussions.  Would be good to have a mix of presentations and community discussion and collaboration at each event.

  23. Good day All,

    What times work for us to hold that debrief of last week's webinar?

    1. 16:00 UTC (18:00 SA)

  24. Hello friends,

    It appears that we're not very keen on holding a debrief. A debrief (or retrospective) is a brief review of a previous event/sprint (i.e. what went well as what didn't go as well) so as to increase the probability of doing better the next time around (on the said event/sprint).

    While I recommend that we do hold one, I would also defer to the group's collective decision.

    Thank you.

    1. Idowu, please go ahead scheduling a date / time... consensus via wiki threads doesn't work well (smile)

      Alternatively, you may set up a Doodle to vote for a date / time for next week, please.

    2. Hello Idowu Akinde. I'm available in the morning from 10PM (I'm GMT+0).

  25. Hello friends,

    Trust everyone is staying safe?

    I wrote a synopsis of our event. Check it out: https://medium.com/@idowuakinde/re-hyperledger-connects-africa-ca6d03ac5e1d 

    1. That's freekin' awesome, Idowu. Sharing this extensive and well-written re-cap with my network just now.

    2. Idowu Akinde Thanks for writing that up and sharing it out.  I agree with Gerhard that this is great to see (smile)

  26. Hello people,

    Trust we're all well and keeping safe?


    I stumbled on this article, and immediately recalled that David Boswellhad mentioned this event earlier.

    1. Is there any update on their partnership proposal?
    2. What can we "learn" from this? Should we be thinking of organizing an event like this? Is such within scope of our mandate / charter?

    P.S: Just a few random thoughts in my head. Comments are welcome...

    Thank you.

    1. Idowu Akinde  – Thanks for sharing that article.  We ended up not following up with that opportunity since it didn't seem like we were ready to engage.  As we get the Africa Chapter up and running and more structured, we should take a look at other opportunities and figure out if we're better able to engage at that point.

  27. Hello, everyone!

    Welcome, Ezra Okenda .

    Please reach out if you need support with anything. I see that there's already been some edits made to this wiki and to the chapter marketing materials. Is there any support you need for tomorrow's 7pm meeting?

    Kind regards.