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  1. Hi David Boswell Is there any update upon this proposal?

  2. David Liu – Thanks for checking in on this proposal.  If the community in ASEAN is interested in setting up a Chapter, I'm happy to help with that.  For next steps, the community members who are interested in leading the Chapter should draft a proposal that covers the goals and proposed activities for the regional community.  We can then share that out to get feedback and then get the Chapter set up if community members are interested.  For reference, you can see what the existing active Chapters wrote for their proposals – check out the India, Brazil, Latinoamerica, Africa or Italian Chapter pages and feel free to use one of those as a template.  Let me know if you have any other questions or if I can help with anything.

  3. Hello David Liu , I'm Chenyi. I saw you're intended to form Hyperledger ASEAN Chapter back in 2020, would like to know is this plan still going on?

    1. Chenyi Ang – Thanks for reaching out about the Hyperledger ASEAN Chapter.  I think this is still a good idea and I would be happy to help with that if there is someone in the community who wanted to lead the Chapter.  If that is something you are interested in, feel free to email me at dboswell at linuxfoundation dot org and we can talk more about next steps and how I can help.