ADVISE: This session will be in PORTUNHOL ! Be prepared... :D




CORDA - Speaker Avatar & Mini Bio

Luiz F. Jeronymo

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Mini Bio: Forward-thinking and business-oriented technologist currently supporting customers on solution architecture and application design for decentralized ledger systems

Ethereum - Speaker Avatar & Mini Bio

Sebastian Raul Wain

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Mini Bio: Sebastian R. Wain co-founded CoinFabrik in 2014 and Nektra Advanced Computing in 2003. CoinFabrik develops secure blockchain and cryptocurrency solutions and Nektra specializes in Microsoft Windows internals, reverse engineering, and developing custom security solutions.

Hyperledger - Speaker Avatar & Mini Bio

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  • Integrate communities
  • Share knowledge about these technologies
  • Expose how these technologies could be integrated and delivery value together
  • Clarify people questions


  • Opening - 5min
  • CORDA - Technology Overview & Cases - 15min
  • Ethereum - Technology Overview & Cases - 15min
  • Hyperledger - Technology Overview & Cases - 15min
  • Roundtable - 15min
  • Closing - 5min

Total: 70m

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