Thanks again for your time today and for following up with notes from our conversation.  I agree that we're all wanting to do more to make the community more discoverable and accessible for new contributors.

As an example of what Ry and I were talking about, we created the start of a new section on the wiki that could potentially serve as the structure for an effort focused on improving the contributor experience.  There's a page on the wiki called Contributor Experience and then under that as an example we started a page for the Start Here project.

This could get built out with any number of other projects that address areas of concern as we learn about roadblocks that people are running into.  For instance, improving recognition came up on our call today so we could have a whole project focused on making that better.

And I agree with your point about delegating responsibility and I think having clear ownership over each project is important.  For instance, on the Start Here page we can list the people who have been involved with that, what their roles have been and how to get in touch.  This would be an improvement over the way we've done this so far over emails, chat and calls that haven't been very public.

My thought is that providing this space and getting some efforts started will be a good starting point and then we can add more structure later as needed.

We're open to other ways to approach this though, so feel free to make other suggestions.  And I'm fine talking more over email for now and we can schedule another call later as needed -- if we do, let's do that as a public call and invite others in like the group of SIG Chairs wanting to improve the way those groups collaborate.



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